02 July 2008

It's July already? ' Spot the Heart ' project '? Psst.

Huh... It's July already?

Fail to keep track of time these days, and so the calendar flipped a day late. We are so used to flipping the calendar together and ' wow ' at the new look for the month.

' My... 2008 is fast. ' I said to myself.

In another couple of days, the Bear's going to be back. =) He'll be thrilled to witness a pure joy at home. =)

Yes, Phal Kun is blooming!

This is just a glimpse of how he's doing.

Took a walk, and spotted a ' heart '. It's not too difficult to see, look it up yourself below. =)


Actually, I've been contemplating on a project though I'm rather skeptical about how it goes.

The ' Spot the Heart ' thing is inspired by this blogger who collects heart-shaped rocks. She has an awesome many!!! while I've yet seen one all my life! Something stirred within, I started keeping a lookout for a heart shape in stones and anything. Hence the begining of this corner.

The idea ballooned, it wants a photo blog on its own, and we're looking for keen members. =) Spot the heart in anything you see! It can be a motif on a new buy, a child's toy, something you've baked, something you've made, an uncanny resemblance in the cloud, a new product from your shop, a collection, heart-shaped nose or nostrils and simply said : anything! Made, natural or superimposed, obvious, vague or do a somersault in order to see! Attach a little story or explanation : a card made for a friend, a trip to where, a wedding, who's got what, a recipe, an essay, a poem or just a word that's easy! Understand that it isn't easy to spot, so I'll keep the posting frequency loose. No photography skills required, a ' heart ' is all we need. =)

Check this site for an idea of a photo blog. My husband participates in it.

And I have vision of making it big. Maybe some kind sponsor will agree to donate an amount to charity and every post counts, I'm not sure how it goes but I'd like to keep it open.

The daunting thought of the responsibility that lies behind restrains me though, and the young blogger here isn't confident about hosting it... but it compels me! No certainties yet, for first, I'd like to hear from you and I'll keep it low for the moment.

End of project's introduction.

A new found friend on Blogger quitted her ' secret diary ' abruptly. It's a lonesome feeling, but I have a secret wish that she'll make a comeback. The degree may be less apt in a way but...


Psst. Tap me again, when you're back. =) I hope this post reaches you.


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Honey! you can't believe! I have the same calendar at home in my office..it's only for my pleasure but I adore Pooh more than anything else :-)
wow this project is fantastic and the bloomings are really stunning
You bear is a lucky one and will be so happy just to see your face again belive me.
a kiss bigger than wolrd..a hug one dear!

bp said...

Hi Stardust! Glad to hear Bear will be back soon... yay!

Agree with you time flies... I was still labelling my pictures taken in June, wrongly as May! And now it's July already!

Your photo blog project sounds so cool! Let us know when it starts! Have fun, and meanwhile, I'm enjoying all your lovely green shots, and your green fingers... see how well Phal Kum is doing!

Thanks also for the heads-up on SAHM... I hope she's doing OK.

Kate / Kajal said...

oh gosh , now i'm going to be looking for heart sin everything i see for the next few days :) how kewl is that. Hearts from mother nature ! nice pix !

Seen This Scene That said...

wonderful idea of the heart! count me in, i shall collect and submit as many as i can. good luck!

Piggy said...

what a great idea! i'll try to participate too. :-P

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

When you've started your "Spot the Heart' project, please consider adding a link or post to our blog, The Heart Rock Collective - http://heartrocks.blogspot.com. It would be an excellent addition to this growing virtual community of 'heart rock' collectors.

Ladybird said...

What a good idea your 'Spot the heart' project. Hope I can spot one soon and participate in your project :) .

Stardust said...

Silvia! We have the same calendar?!?! That's it! We must have been twins!

BP, indeed, 2008 speeds! Let's look forward to more blessed days. Amen.

Hi Kate, I really hope that you're healing fast and doing well.

Seen This Scene That, Piggy, Kimberly and Ladybird, thank you for your support! I'm still studying the possibilities. I shall inform you if the project starts.