26 February 2010

Braver Gold

The world dubbed her a skating immortality, but I swear she showed raw vulnerability on ice this morning. On potentially tense occasions, I'll put on minimal makeup to conceal the nervous spell I'm under, so it really makes me wonder if Kim Yuna did so for the same reason while compensating the move with her beautiful crystal clear skin. She skated with an unusually light pinch of flirtation, and subtly reserved extensions too. My heart simply pounded harder as I watched her...

But she didn't disappoint everyone who pinned that mammoth hope on her. I guess the world must have read by now 19 year-old Kim Yuna is a new figure-skating golden legend. If there had been any ounce of insecurity, that didn't stop her from leaping her iconic humongous jumps with no qualms, like she'll see no tomorrow. There was so much bravery behind that mad speed and fierce torque. Will I ever see such fearless dynamics in another female skater again?

Don't forget, this bold athlete is just a girl, once a nobody in this sport said to be heavily shadowed by favouritism. Kim Yuna spinned around and changed literally everything in this field with her steadfast will. She is babe seabiscuit that falls far from immortality, a true blue skating royal who has surmounted the podium for a braver gold.

The showdown this year is definitely nothing like a one man show, most skaters have done themselves proud! Silver medalist Asada Mao performed beautifully despite immense pressure, she's one tremendously great skater I love too! I cried after Joannie Rochette finished her moment. Rochette's mother must have carried the bronze medalist, as Rochette made that beautiful sacrifice to her deceased mom who passed away few days before the competition. Nobody can ask for more from this stage of premium-quality, so...

- In what manner should I be anticipating the next Winter Olympics? Are we seeing bigger skaters coming out? ( Fingers drumming... )

- Now that Kim Yuna has acquired the world's best, will she very well retire and leave her worldwide fans forlorn and heartbroken? ( Deeeeeeeep inhale... )

I really hope that I get to write about my super-heroine again.

22 February 2010


It began in the teenage years, I developed a great pick up for Mathematics. It turned me into a teacher's pet, a peer tutor, and regretfully, a rival in class; and it didn't feel completely nice being where I was, but I embraced my new forte then. Until...

Things soured, people changed. Friends came for solution and the moment they were done, I'd be one redundant dude. Maybe we were never friends, for friends are never superficial or jealous. It's hard to ignore when you know that people mean to pit against you, and you feel less willing to relent to their petty reasons. That's where the tension begins.

There was this final paper, I was all geared-up to slaughter it, until someone confronted me in an offensive tone , 'Just you wait and see.'

She left me... baffled. No, I actually felt intimidated! I suppose many will fall for that in their innocent 14. I couldn't concentrate all along the examination... ' Does score matter so much to her? Didn't she just ask for my help the other day, I thought we're friends? She knew that I wasnt' this good in Maths, I didn't mean to stand out. She hates me?? She hates me?!?! '

She had her way when she topped the class with that very paper, I came in second, 2 points behind; but I wasn't sore until she kicked sand into my eye. What infuriated me was, while I didn't thank her for the unnecessary distraction, she had to tower over me and sniggered, ' Oh, I thought the paper was easy.'

What exactly is this superiority about being the best? And if you are, if you really are, do you stand unwavering the best of the world, and beyond supersede?

I believe that many past 14 are already capable of detecting the slightest hint of jealousy or resentment behind a smile, a remark or gesture... And though I know that they are best ignored altogether, it still chills me knowing that there are still people today who are bent on toppling you in order to feel good about themselves. As long as they win, they pretty don't care if the game played fair.

Sometimes it gets almost quizzical when you're all tempted to ask another league of like-minded, ' Will you pick on someone your own size? '

Call me a mule, I refuse to make their values mine for a smoother blend into the world - I've never rolled with people who only wants to win. I don't know about you, but it doesn't delight me if anyone performs less satisfactory, excelling myself is always my utmost concern. But I'm struggling with this impurity : I have a tough time overlooking petty onslaughts, or dismissing irksome challenges, they still raise my hairs. Teach me, how do you deal with such petty idiocy?

It just pushes my button when people apply their set of win-only-mentality onto sports.

Let's face it. The best wins. No contender deserves a saucy opinion from a non-connoisseur, what's more when the view is subjectively lopsided. And when the winner is determined, it doesn't mean that the others are foul performers.

Grant me a game fair and square! Can we first have the cursers and ungracious beings leave the floor?

In another plenty hours, my super-heroine will face off with many other great skaters for the prestigious Winter Olympic medal, and the respective supporters are already e-slaying each other in the ugliest manner. So what if someone gets to win if Kim Yuna falls, and so what if Kim Yuna wins because others under performed? It's my wish that every contender delivers her best and brings on a battle for real.

And I think anyone is the best, as long as they have done theirs.

14 February 2010

Tra lalalalala...

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone concerned!! And...

Happy Valentine's to all. Hugs.


Images collected from the past 2 years.

It's a good start for the year. I found a long lost friend. =)

10 February 2010

Please look after this Bear, thank you

wish I could put a tag around his neck.

Bear is one of those typical Japanese who 'can't have meals alone'. おにぎり (riceballs) or instant food are what he'll survive on during my absence. By the time I'm home, he'll be one shrivelled teddy.

Th new home has to be monitored for a year at least, so Bear is staying in. He'll be on my mind so much... Got to go bake him some muffins and cookies now.

09 February 2010

Grapey first!



As it descends from snow to rain, days are getting more comfortable with humidity returning, though my plants get a lot trickier with the transition. You bet I'm keeping a keen eye on the fellas.

Orchids tell their health intelligently with their leaves, and they sure stir me easily with the slightest sign of distress. Bear thinks that my hobby is imposing a toil on me, well that's just him. I confess : sometimes, I do feel my confidence fading... but whenever I'm resoluted to start something, there's a faint chance of pulling out or leaving things there.

At fair times, people embrace this 'steadfast' nature. When we fail to see eye to eye, I'll be labelled a 'mule'.

But it's just all so me.

This is Grapey then.


And now.

Helpless on their sole own nonetheless, I think they're a bunch of marvelous lives. Every single bud demonstrates a dedication in its own way...

It has never been a partial partnership, the blooms say it all. =)

I've induced an early bloom on Grapey by the 'branch-method' - when flowers have passed the bloom, the branch is cut from bla bla bla bla bla... I'll spare you from the details. Maybe I'm ready to work in an orchard for Orchids. =)

05 February 2010

Friday scribbled

This is the view from the hallway, at daybreak followed by a snowy night. The trees sit in nicely for a landscape effect, courtesy of our neighbours behind. It's literally a moving picture when it snows in styles ~ diagonally, straight, lightly, heavy.

We're looking forward to the expression of fresh Spring.

Many may have already known, Orchids are extremely vulnerable to cold temperature, and my precious are struggling again this winter.


I'm crossing fingers that they'll make it to Spring since they're already heavy with buds. 頑張れ。。。



I've made Bear a new pouch for his drinking bottle, with a most befitting motif cross-stitched. Shh... he doesn't know it yet. =)


Last Christmas, I'm blessed with gifts from Helena in UK , who produces exquisite handmade cards. Her parcel was full of goodies, with her handmade cards enclosed. It's a difficult choice but I shall send one of her cards to a friend who needs attention now, she simply loves cats.


About Helena again, she's the maker of Dilly, the gween wagon dat luvs pink, I'll run to her site whenever I need a dose of humor. Guess what? I've received an award from Dilly! Fnar!!!

Awards are fun, friendly and by no means serious, but I shall be sensitive to some who may not like them.

So I'm passing to these fabulous five:

BP - Her scribbles encourage.

SAHM - She scribbles, shares and tickles.

梅子さん - I'm holding on to the language thanks to her scribbles.

J.H. - She scribbles, she snaps.

Maggie & Mitch - They frolic while the mom scribbles.

Now the rules,

Upload the picture on blog, pass it on, and don't forget that it originates from here.

This is one Friday, scrambled and scribbled. ;)



Beautiful morning.

03 February 2010

Groaning for another 3 weeks

It's the tummy. I suffer painful spasms whenever nervous. Groans... If you're having this uncannily similar disturbia, ( groans )... Take heart, we're just 3 weeks from the antidote. Ugh... Figure Skating at the Winter Olympic Games. If you're a fan, ugh... it's branded all over you. You'll prepare the snacks needed to stay up all night, you're prepared for the eyebags. If you aren't, urgh.. you won't know this pain I'm going through then... urghhh... I can't wait, though I've never enjoyed a wait so much! URGH!!! MORE!

01 February 2010

What's nice?

Winter 09/10 has been a snowy one.

We'll be having another snowy week again... nice! Bear forbids driving due to slippery roads. I'll have to waddle down to councils and get the papers done. Heheh, very nice.


Nicer, I'm facing various 'special requests' while desperately trying to get my own loose ends tied. Be working my tail off to gather much, with a nice finish I hope.


Haven't been getting decent sleep for months. When Bear sleeps that late, I can't slumber very well too. We are a lot like walking zombies now, what nicely grotesque faces we must be wearing. Heheh...


Let's hope that February will make things a lot nicer, in a nice way I mean. Inhale... Better get going before snow falls...