26 December 2008

Decked in White

We could have had a white little Christmas as forecasted, but snow fell a lil later...


It still felt Christmasy this morning when I saw everything outside under a white-washed blanket. =)



So, it didn't snow on Christmas day after all, and unlike previous years, we merely had a quiet celebration at home. Do you know? Christmas is NOT a holiday in Japan!! ( Sniff... ) The Bear had tons of work in his office, and so I slogged my ass off in the kitchen yesterday to prepare a spread for our dinner table.
With dessert being a cake adorned in white. ;)


No more over-rated cakes from hotels and bakeries, I was resoluted to give it a go with my first round pan. Yes, I've baked a cake for Christmas, after having given my oven a break for over 3 months!


We fell in love with the texture of the cake, soft, moist and absolutely spongy!! The only flaw was the lack of fresh cream to give it a pretty finish ( which also means a healthy cut of fats ). Greedy Bear helped himself with a quarter of it right after our sumptuous Christmas feast! I'm pretty excited about using the recipe again for other baking opportunities. =D Check out where I've dug the sponge cake recipe from!

Still having a good time? I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holidays!!

24 December 2008

I wish...


The God-Blessed Box has been neglected for as long as anybody could remember! ( Clearing cobwebs frantically* )


Let me explain : My folks have travelled all the way from Singapore to Japan to visit us!! The past weeks have been incredibly busy, but warm, probably owing to the companionship of my family. =)

I wish I could have visited my blogger friends, check out the Christmas spirit around the world, and count down to Christmas faithfully with the windows of an Advent Calendar. Nothing comes close enough and TALA, it's Christmas Eve today!

But wait, I think I've got more than what I've wished for ...

* My family came and left in good health, and enjoyed their very first Winter experience.


* I did a sneak check on my blogger pals, most looked Christmasy with lots of good cheer!

* This Christmas marks my very 4th year in Japan! And this heart of mine is slowly accepting the much dreaded foreign lifestyle.

* I'm remembered by friends from miles away. =) I'm loved, and cared for by my loved ones.

And much MORE though I shan't rattle on what's on my blessing-list, but I really must acknowledge this before I go.

I'm loved by Jesus, who came and and be born as a helpless babe, to give me a hope and a belief. That I celebrate Christmas for an intimate reason, with joy and a festive spirit. Thank you Lord, for who You are and why You came. We dedicate this Christmas again to You, for You are the reason to celebrate.

Have a truly Merry Christmas, everyone: and God bless...

05 December 2008

He knows my mind

I have a habit of playing a CD while preparing dinner. As I listened to one of the CDs that I used to have in my good old Lancer last night, something struck me when it was playing ' Somewhere over the rainbow '.

I paused and thought carefully, we've yet seen a rainbow this year!

I have this thing for rainbow and other wonders in the sky. We sighted rainbow a few times last year during our spins ( a tug ), but not once in 2008.


And this morning, as I sent the Bear off at the carpark, there it was in the middle of a sleet!


The moment we saw it, a gush of joy washed over me and all at once, I felt my entire spirits lifted up!

I'm lost for words to describe my joy, all I know is, I feel my Lord so near and I'm totally comforted.

He knows my mind. Somehow, I'm once again assured, everything is in good hands...

"I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see and fear and put their trust in the Lord." - Psalm 40:1-3

04 December 2008


2008 is unbelievably fast! It's December!

What I need most now while the year is winding up, is time. TIME!! and it's slipping away before my very eyes!

I need time.

Time to resume the proper sleeping pattern. Time to tidy up the heavy compartment in my heart. Time to clear up the place, heck the Christmas tree this year. Time to visit my fav blogs, time to blog a little lest I forget what I should never. Time to search for the likeable Christmas recipe. Time to get used to the new car, and better be soon! Time to decide my next trip to Singapore, tickets and etc. Time to prepare for much up coming events...

But what I really need most now, is some quiet time. Time of peace, in the Lord. Time to cry and spill my heart empty, and make room for what's meant well for me. Time for reflection, prayer and thanksgiving.

There is a time for everything,

and a season for every activity under heaven:
a time to be born and a time to die,

a time to plant and a time to uproot,
a time to kill and a time to heal,

a time to tear down and a time to build,
a time to weep and a time to laugh,

a time to mourn and a time to dance,
a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,

a time to embrace and a time to refrain,
a time to search and a time to give up,

a time to keep and a time to throw away,
a time to tear and a time to mend,

a time to be silent and a time to speak,
a time to love and a time to hate,

a time for war and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

Maybe, it's time to grow up. Time to move along.

Time to stop mulling over things, and realize that it's now that matters, before I miss out moments that are meant to be special.

I have no time to lose! Tons of work to do, cos my folks are visiting me next week!!

And I must take time now to thank whoever that dropped a line of comfort earlier, it surely made things better. Wishing all a splendid December.

The last drive with Lancer GSR



These are the special times.

28 November 2008

Goodbye Lancer

If only things last forever...

This Sunday, sadly, we will have to bid goodbye to my first car.

The Bear said that it has outlived its worth by this 10th year, and it's time for it to go. =(

It is the first car that chauffeured us around on our first date. The first car to own for a paper driver like myself, a possession I consider an extravagance.

How I relish every moment whenever Bear boldly demonstrates the power of the machine on the road, without battling an eyelid. I recall the fact that Bear would rather buy me a new car upon my license acquisition, than to lend me his precious.

I had a hard time convincing him before I could lay lands on it, and even harder time to get acquainted with the monster within. Thanks to its wacky temperaments and tricky feel,conquering it has not only perfected my confidence on the road, Bear is always impressed by the wild gall in me. Stardust proves that ladies are not necessarily intimitated by sports machine!

We enjoy every journey on the highway. Exhilerating and effortless, cos most cars would give way to us when they recognise this fella second to its big brother, Lancer Evolution. I simply LOVE its potent spur, the instant pick-up, the power at my bidding gives me a freedom I've never known...

Why? Just why do good things have to go?

Some calls it childishness. Being a sentimental person who cherishes things with some even decades-old, it really breaks my heart to see my first car go just because it's ' old '. I'm just sad that I'm not the utlimate owner, and I'm not allowed to decide its fate.



So we drove and drove, to pacify my reluctance to see it go. Partly the reason why 2008 is a year of outdoor while high oak gas could be outrageously expensive sometimes, but there isn't a slightest hint of regret in us at all.


We have so much to thank Lancer for. The places it took us, errands it has helped us done. I've snacked, napped, laughed, and cried in the comfort of its shelter. These near 4 years of being together feels all too incredibly brief to me.

Just how am I supposed to watch you go on Sunday...? It must be the saddest day of 2008.


Have I been a good owner? I don't know... but I conclude that you've been a great, amazing pal. I'm so blessed to once have you!



I'm going to miss you like crazy, Lancer.

I'll never forget you, us. And I pray that your next owner will truly treat you kind.

25 November 2008

Colors of love, on いい夫婦の日

Hooo! Japan has enjoyed a 3-days break the recent weekend!

We squeezed some time out for fun though there were much stuff to be done! Off we went, to a prefecture where Autumn is obviously resuscitated!


Welcome to 山梨県 ( Yamanashi-Ken ), and meet its utmost significant icon, that sits unquestionably as the heart of Japan.


The famous 富士山、 Mount Fuji.


This active volcano that stands the highest in Japan at 3776m, often swells the hearts of the citizens with pride.

What exactly makes Mount Fuji stand out among others and capture the hearts of the Japs? Unlike alps, notice that Mount Fuji stands erected, aloof with a grand peak, without adjacent mountains? The distinctive look of this majestic mountain aptly fufills the Japanese notion of beauty in simplicity.


We were fortunate to admire Mount Fuji on a day with a weather this fine! Do you know? It actually takes a truly clear sky like this to reveal the face of Mount Fuji!


And the trees that still advocated Autumn... the splendor of colors looked so very surreal to me...



Now, we didn't set off during dusk at 3a.m. just to watch dawn. Bear meant it as the last fishing trip of the year. Notice that we actually arrived before the sunrise, and road lights were still lit up.


However, the wind was too strong, Bear changed location later for a hopeful catch and he did it! While I was napping in the car to shun the wind. Hahahah!


We didn't realized until the mid of the day, it was the いい夫婦の日( Fine husband and wife Day ) on the 22nd of Novemeber!

For foreigners who study the language, 1122 ( 11月22日 ) legitimately echoes ’いい夫婦’。 Get it? =P

It made us feel doubly-blessed! The great weather, and good times we had. I couldn't help giving thanks to God for this awesome day, and secretly hoped that our love stays wonderful like the brilliant colors unfolded before our eyes...




What a day to remember! I'm most touched by grandeur of Mount Fuji!
Some Japs describe Mount Fuji as a lady clothed according to seasons. I think she is unmistakenly charming when dressed in Autumn. =)

19 November 2008

First snow


We had a beautiful weekend. =)) Took a walk on a fine day in late Autumn.


It certainly still looked very ' autumny ' everywhere. The trees were not all that hideously bald. Romance we had it, a great lunch, a cool ride... We took everything slow under the late Autumn sky.

However, I was pretty sure I 'smelt ' something. My nose starts acting funny whenever cold air raids in. I actually smell ' trees ' during winter, or when chilled air is approaching.



Bear assured that it probably takes a few weeks for snow to fall, and so I dismissed my suspicion quite readily.


And guess what? We're having first snow, today! WHEEEE!!!

The entire morning was like sunshine, then an angry blizzard, stopped, snow again, sunshine, snow again, and blizzard... Haha!

I must be a walking thermometer then!! Ha! =D


It's certainly tough when it gets cold, but the beauty of snow is one reason that makes winter a little endurable. =P It's pretty exciting to see everywhere white-washed again! I'm already wondering if we'll have a white Christmas this year. =)

So, goodbye Autumn. Until next year!

Time to get geared people! I'll be checking out winter on your side. ;)

14 November 2008

My best friend's wedding


There's a celebration tomorrow that I've been straining my neck so long for.

It's my best friend's wedding! One of the greatest guys I've known in my life, is finally getting hitched! =D

He's one of my best pals whose reliability is second to none, the first one I think of whenever I'm troubled. Anytime I summon for help, he'll arrive in seconds. A genuine friend who cares, shares and gives so unselfishly for years... and finally, he is getting married!! YAY!!!!!!


When my great bro revealed his good news, I confess... for split seconds, the self-centered me thought that a great friend will be lost for good; due to his status-to-be. But somehow, deep inside ( or is it his personality I've known too well ), something reassured that my worries are unfounded. And this heart is overflowing with JOY! Nothing beats knowing that a great gal will be there for him, always!! =D


It's an awful shame I can't travel back to Singapore for his big day. I still remember how he helped out at mine as if it was his. And all I do now is just sit here and imagine how I could be his beck and call, and give a hand on his special day... I so want to be in his team and witness his blissful moments!!

............ Photobucket

Congratulations, Turtle. I'm so glad for you that you are finally settling down! I just can't wait to meet your beautiful bride soon and be great friends with her, and someday, let our children play together! =)


And remember what I told you, a great guy like yourself will never be alone. In some things, you just have to go on faith! =) See what I mean? You're now blessed with a wonderful lady. =D

P/S: And don't forget, you're blessed with a friend like me. Have a memorable wedding. =)

05 November 2008

Autumnal Palette


As days go by, the trees and hills gradually don a denser shade...

Meet Autumn. Undoubtedly the most-loved season in Japan.



The Japanese enjoy travelling in this season, to admire the lasting colors at a cooling temperature.


Often, convertibles-owners seize the opportunity to enjoy a cool ride under the splendour of colors. I hate it when hubby cast those suggestive eyes at me whenever a top-naked-convertible passed by. I'd rather be divorced than to take a spin in the cold wind! (~~;)


Anyway, I don't hate autumn, how could I? Look at the brilliance of flaming colors, they take my breath away... Come take a walk with me. =)


Inhale the fresh crisp air, hear the sound of rushing waters, feast visually on the generous colors... I feel my senses satisfied.


I so indulge in the harmony of nature, how well do you?




Ah...autumn. I'm feeling all autumnal, with a brand new flu! =P

Have a fine autumn!