07 July 2008

Purple dreams... Prelude to Summer

Gentle hue of purple like the Lavendar's, cradles me into a dreamy state.

I adore the mild tone of Lavendar, and the fragrance it makes the breeze carry.

I simply love losing myself in a field of Lavendar...



Seeing purple puts me on a time capsule. Lavendar and Vanilla were the theme colors used for our wedding. How I loved every detail designed and prepared in these 2 lovely colors. Ever since then, I've fallen in love with vanilla and soft purplish tones.

Not just the purplish flatter, there's more to Lavendar. The scent that the breeze delivers puts me under a hypnotising spell.



There were just 2 of us within the purple spread, and the tranquility was ours to embrace for the whole afternoon. Not forgetting the hospitality of my favourite pal. Bees! Bees were lingering around me all the time as if to say ' Hello '. Bear was very amused, he couldn't understand why bees would be so unbelievably attracted to me.

Look down, see what we've found. Drinking butterflies! I've seen so much on Discovery Channel, but to watch it live, it was the first in my lifetime. =)
How many butterflies do you find in the picture below?






I've taken lots of satisfying shots but I can't share them all. The next 2 are my favourites.

Flirting butterflies... They were darting really fast and I flew into panic! I knew I could miss them any second so I took the shots without going shutter speed dominant, but I'm so glad that I've captured the moment of flutter. These must be my favourite shots of the year.


Butterfly kiss.


Hands clasped, we left the field slowly in sunset.


But the lingering scent of Lavendar remains, and I hope it makes its way to you too. Have a lovingly-scented week ahead. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi, been coming to your blog sometimes. You take stunning pictures. They water my soul.

Piggy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics... esp the ones with butterflies! how i wish we could have such nice scenary in SG... ;-)

Ladybird said...

wonderful pictures! Keep them coming! :)

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

your keen vision captures the true essence of beauty! I love the
butterfly images...thanks for inspiring my creative soul with your words and images!

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Wow these photos are just great! I love lavander fields too and I understand perfectly well what you feel smelling its scent :-D
I send you tons of hugs dear!

Seen This Scene That said...

Clap, clap, clap! Bravo, bravo! What a beautiful and touching show-and-tell post!

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I love lavender as well. When I was a little girl and before my twin sister Amanda passed away we would sit by the lavender patches because the scent was so overwhelming with sweetness and the perfume made us giddy with happiness... we would take the long strips of flowers (if the bees would let us) and we would weave little bracelets and crowns for our hair.
We would pretend we were princesses and we were getting ready to go to Lavender Palace. What a special and magical place it was!
Oh the lavender has many wonderful memories and even though I shed tears for my Mandy as I write this, it is ok... it's what needs to be done... it is good memories. Your photos are beautiful.

I thank you once again for helping me stay in line with my last post in the Owl Light...
you have made me understand a few things that I really didn't think of before.
Hugs and smooches...

Kate / Kajal said...

OMG those are such breath taking pictures ... ! i want to be there in those pictures right now , i could really use some summer lazing in those beautiful fields. Wonderful pictures babe ... thanks for sharing :)

Stardust said...

Anonymous, thank you. =)

Piggy, thank you. I guess you'll capture the sights better than I do, if you're here.

Ladybird, Kimberly, Silvia, Seen This Scene That, a big thank you!

Michele, I'm sorry to rake up thoughts of Mandy. I'm sure she treasures all the beautiful memories too. Hugs...

Kate, thank you for dropping by.

bp said...

Dunno if you got my long comment that i left earlier on this post... telling you how lovely all your shots are, they always take my breath away... and what a great start to the week, whenever I come here to stop and smell your flowers =)

Also, was wondering if that last shot of the gal in white hat may be you? ;p (shot taken by Bear maybe?)

Also, like how you captured the bugs, and the butterflies so nicely... awesome pictures, all!!!

Stardust said...

Dear BP, yes dear, I received the comment at the wrapper post below this one. I really thank you for your love, taking time to visit while I think you must be busy with lotsa stuff. =) Thank you again for liking the pictures, and yes, the girl in the picture is me, taken by the Bear. ;P Hugs.