29 July 2011

Box of chocolates

t's been quite a
while that I don't know what day it is since my new role has begun, time has never slipped by so quickly! I often watch the cub with a shade of disbelief, is he what's packed in my tummy back then!?!?

And he's growing so fast!!

At 2 weeks, his eyelashes lengthens and curls. He watches the laundry drying indoor with curiosity.

By 4th week, he gets a 1000 grams heavier, forsaking his newborn size diaper. He has developed a signature temperament, loves mama's milk, bath and cuddles. His need for attention is increasing, and keeps a lookout for the laundry everyday.

At 5th, he smiles a great deal. He starts cooing to himself, and his favorite laundry.

Need I say more? ;)


For folks who would like to hear about the labor - box of chocolates, you'll never know what you're gonna get. I had pads placed around the house just in case, you know what I mean. But the waterbag broke less than an hour before delivery, with assistance by a midwife.

22nd June was a summer solstice, more like the longest day in my life. The pain was encompassing, the fractured tailbone swinging behind for years had to add to it. Hospital clocked the contractions 18 hours and 8 minutes, which explains all that sweat. I'm certainly no tough cookie, but I didn't scream or hissed a single harsh word at my husband. I've probably shredded the bedsheet and uttered 4 or 5 long painful groans though... It took 20 minutes or so to push my lovey out, without assistance of devices.

Uh huh, sounds creamy smooth doesn't it? At a phase, my younger years actually flashed before me. Random images of people in my life, happy times and gruesome ones of Jesus bleeding in pain. In between hallucination and contractions, I couldn't make out anything when the midwives ranted their instructions, I probably could pass out. But some kind souls must have thought of me, I started seeing friends who care and pray, while sober bitterness returned. It was indescribably hard.

Tears flowed as soon as my cub showed up. Seriously, I thought I wouldn't cry, but he was just too beautiful. The instinct that I was worried about not having, kicked in very quickly. :)

There. My box of chocolates, bravest of me. But really, that's not all about it. Again, it's God's grace, His faithfulness that carried me.

22 July 2011



aby Bear is a mont
h old today. :)

If we're in Singapore, the kid will have a special '1st month' birthday bash like any other newborns, lavished with gifts from relatives and friends. It will be a hassle-brimmed affair, but a special privilege for dad and mom to offer traditional cakes to folks rejoicing with us. Home must be packed with people partying over the lil prince. The fella passed around from arms to arms, with cheeks pinched or rouged red.

But not a shred of that is happening here. 1st month celebration is not a practise known to Japan.

It's a tranquil first month, a little too quiet for a Chinese mother with her first newborn. Too quiet for my liking.

Regardless of what oughts we're missing out in this place, Baby Bear is special, though he may be less celebrated. Happy 満月 my darling.

Special thanks to BP & Val for sharing our joy.

19 July 2011

A new addition

ear friends, we have a new addition to the family!


Who would have guessed this 333rd post will be one to announce that I've given birth to a 3330 grams healthy baby boy on 22nd June.


I'm still adjusting to things, and taking time to find my momentum now with a lil one on the balance. Hopefully, I'll be hopping by your place soon!

Here's my punk making a scene after being born less than an hour. Now don't be too taken aback by his bawling , he's really quite an angel. ;)