24 March 2011


lmost 2 weeks have passed since the enormous earthquake hit Japan. But it feels like the whole thing just took place yesterday.

The damage is mounting, deceased counting, and pressure cooking with the unresolved problems at the Fukushima nuclear plant. But I don't want to complain or let the stress get better of me. There are countless people enduring tremendous suffering out there, brave people sacrificing their health to salvage the situation... I don't want to sit, whine, and act like I'm the one in pain.

I had my brother sent back on Monday, 2 months earlier than the supposed departure. He's the only son in the family, it's the right thing to do rather than exposing him to unnecessary risk. A huge load is off my back now.

At the moment, the water and air quality at my region are still excellent. Life is pretty much as usual for the time being. I'm staying put as long as the situation doesn't threaten Breadcrumbs. And trusting the Lord to take care of of the little one within. He is 26 weeks today, active as usual if not more, and starting tickling me with his fingers I believe. The fella is quite some mischief. :)

I don't know if it's a hopeless idiocy or the otherwise I'm having. With Breadcrumbs, I actually feel stronger, braver. Or maybe, it's the Lord who's enabling me all along. Nobody is sure of how things will turn out, but I want to continue trusting the Lord to take care of us.

You know. In times of trouble, the good part is you get to see who are the ones who genuinely care about you. And be inspired by the nobility of great humane love showered even upon strangers. Happenings do teach quite some valuable lessons you don't learn in peaceful times.

The last thing to do, in my opinion... Don't add oil to fire. Don't.

Please continue to help Japan through your feasible means. Every thought counts.

And may peace be restored throughout the earth I pray. The world has more than enough of inevitable suffering. What's deliberate and imposed have better stopped.

God bless everyone.

15 March 2011


'm thanking everybody here for your concern and prayers. We are really ok. Our place isn't affected by the recent earthquake on 11th March, but the entire country is surely expecting great tremors for another week or so.

The rest of the nation will have to stay strong and deal with the difficulties coping with the aftermath. We are trying to stay focused and see how we can help. You too can help by offering a contribution through feasible means, or prayers.

It's selfish thinking about my private concern now.. I really pray that my brother will reach home in Singapore safe and sound by the time he returns on 21st May. The rest of the nation stays intact with no further damages. And Breadcrumbs be born safe.. he's so precious to us.

I feel bad about not logging in as much as I like and replying late. Our home is trying to conserve energy and resources as much possible so that they can reach the more needy parties. Be back when things get better. God bless everyone of you out there.

04 March 2011

The cutest company

I haven't vanished. My brother D has arrived our place for a week or so.

I love time alone. But if anyone knows what it's like by having most of the weekdays to yourself , you'll get my meaning of having a constant company for lunch, a pair of very helpful hands, and heartful laughters; loads of them. I'm really having a good time, and I'm thankful to God for the perfect timing of everything. :)

Breadcrumbs seems to be very pleased with our visitor, I think he will be excited about playing with uncle D in future. :D

Oh yes! He could be seen squirming under my belly since Monday. It really is an indescribable feeling catching him visually. Here he goes again.

The fella is getting stronger and active than ever, his motions even getting patterned. I should be able to see a constant trend if I plot a graph with his timing and vigor. :D

So, the company I'm having at the present? The cutest people in my life. :)