17 April 2008

First award for the blog! And the award goes to...

Blogging is such an incredible experience for me!

It has never crossed my mind to start a blog though I've been reading some friends' and others, taking a peep into peoples lives but hardly noticing mine. It was until when I was inspired by some great bloggers that made me thought, maybe; I could share bits of mine that might inspire people too...

I thought I'd like to make this an avenue to bless others, but I never knew that I'll be more blessed!!! =) I've come to know amazing people with great talents, wise thoughts, beautiful mind and soul. They are always sharing so generously, helpful, sincere and without pretense. What a blessing and joy to know more people from around the world and making friends with wonderful personalities!!

We may be living in a world where people are quick to criticise and slow to praise, but there are always pretty angels around, you know? ;) This humble blog has been awarded an ' E ' by a lovely Blogger, Silvia at her Magnolia Wedding Planner. It's always a delight at her place and have her presence here, I can't thank God enough for this sweet friendship, and I thought that such joy should be spread around too! So I'm passing this award to some of the regulars of this God-Blessed Box!

Silvia : Nope, I'm not returning this to you, but giving one to you too! + a big tight HUG.

Michele : For the friendship and all the lovely pictures you've shared day by day, they've become so much a part of my life. =) Luv ya...

bp : I always feel myself well heard by you, probably because we share commonalities somehow? You've been great, and I'm so glad that we've found each other through the Lord!

Jade : I've always loved your coming and warm encouraging words. It really has an impact on me. =) p/s : You're cute. =)

Piggy : Your lovely pictures of food are a consolation to an always hungry me. Thank you for your helpful advise and sharing, I've learnt a lot from you indeed. Rock on!

There must have been more out there who deserve this, and let's keep on discovering and spread the love!


Kelly Mahoney said...

Congratulations on your award, I love your blog!

bp said...

Thanks so much, Stardust, for this! And you know, I've been blessed by your posts, and just so glad I met you through the wonderful blogging world, and you decided to blog so folks like me (no matter how far away from you) can get a glimpse of your life, too! =)

I always love your beautiful pictures and reminders of our awesome God, and how much you give to the things you're passionate about!

Keep it up, my dear! =) And enjoy your weekend just around the corner!

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

I'll flattered if you put a link to my blog. I hope this friendship will last also apart from the blogs we own.
I cannot describe how happy i am!
Hugs dear

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Well, thank you my dear friend. I'm sorry it took me a while to acknowledge this kind act. I will write more later. I'm very tired today and need to rest. I do thank you so much. Hugs. You are so kind to me.

Piggy said...

wow, ありがとう! you have a great blog there... you deserve the award. :-)

Jade said...


=)I am so touched! This is a pleasant surprise both from you and Silvia when I got my network running again. Thank you so much for the award and I just want to let you know that I enjoy dropping by your wonderful blog (^^,)

Stardust said...

Hello Kelly,
Thank you for dropping by.

Hi bp,
I love going to your place too, and I've been blessed by your blog just as much. =)

CHEERS to our friendship! =D Let's get drunk electronically! ;P

Hullo Bob,
Thenk yu.

Dear Michele,
Hugs to you too, and I enjoy exchanging with you. =)

Hi Piggy,
Thanks for dropping by. You have a GREAT food blog that I love no less.

Hi Jade,
I enjoy going to your place too, you know. =)