29 January 2012

A better friend

With much happening of late, it makes me wishing from inside that I have been a better friend. A friend who sends that promised mail, checks up the troubled pal, says the needful prayer.

It's not about being popular or building a presence. Something simple as being there for someone, like many others who have stood by me even before I asked them to.


My blogger friend lost her darling Airedale Maggie today. It feels like I've lost a friend too. I haven't been able to check up on them lately, so the sad news just hit me somewhat hard and sudden.

I hope I do not miss caring for another friend again. For a change I hope I'll grow to be a better giver than just a receiver.

Thank you for sharing the marvel of your life there Maggie, you'll be missed. My deepest thoughts with you Sue.

14 January 2012

Where are you?


don't know how time passes so quickly ever since my return from Singapore...

I'm pretty pleased with how I'm clearing stuffs even before my wrist is healed to a comfortable stage. Sadly, it's a reality too that there are aspects left to neglect.

Like the blog... You know, the cub is the one and only I may ever have my lifetime. So for every milestone reached or wonder he showed me, I've made mental notes to post them but failed to do so.

I've received presents and cards sent by kind folks all the way from Singapore, England, Taiwan and Australia, but I haven't take time to thank one by one though I wish I've done so. Why haven't I? Really!!!

Maybe I need an hour, just an hour that allows me to catch some sleep, finish the chores, catch up with friends, clear my mailbox. But where do I find that hour? I'm interupted 3 times when writting this.

If money can't buy me time, fine. How about some human-use battery? The kind that makes one go on and on and on like the Energiser Bunny.

Something very undesirable happened... I think I may have lost one, or even more miserably; two long time friends... Friends for almost 20 years. Just like that. With a snap of the finger. Boom! She's gone.

I swear I do not know the reason behind her vanishing without a word, and for the first few hours I was worried if something has happened to her. But you know, a cold shoulder isn't too hard to detect, the chill reaches me despite the distance.

It's not like we had a fight or anything close, our last words were we're dying to meet each other. It's not like someone bitched behind me and things got marred. It's not about a broken promise, a lie, or betrayal. A little voice tells me that I'll never know the reason my lifetime.

But I respect her decision to throw our 20 years away though it hurts with every heartbeat. I admit that I couldn't even make time to poke her. Maybe she felt neglected. Maybe...

Where you are, A? Give me a word, I just want to know that you're alright, nothing else matters. I won't even ask why. :(


I'd like to leave a word for all blogger friends who are staying around with your encouragement. Things are inevitably tight for an imperfect person who's trying to put things right... You know I'll come back to you.

02 January 2012

Happy 2012

his year, I'm wishing for peace around the world, and may God's abundant grace overflows. May that the world be a better place to live in, a little voice reminds me of my daily responsiblities and shoulds. So I'm starting with the man in the mirror, cos I have a little one mirroring me now.

The blog is 4 :) And through it I've befriended some sweetest personalities whom I count as my blessings. All you wonderful people who have cared for us in 2011, thank you so much!

May 2012 be an extremely great year for everybody!