02 November 2011

Going home

n another 3 days, I'll be travelling with my 4 months old on a 7 hour flight home.

It isn't an easy decision. I worry about how the cub will cope with his first flight in his tender months, I guess it's why I'm not too thrilled about the trip this time.

The medical sectors in Japan aren't helping me, so I'm making a hopeful trip back for surgery on my wrists which are about to give way anytime soon. This Tendonitis has been tormenting me for years and been most unbearable the past months. I've been clenching my teeth so hard that I may lose them soon.

Looking back I couldn't have survived the past months with 2 bad wrists and an active baby without a new supply of grace granted to me day by day. Sniff...

Now I just need to pull through the flight, hoping that my fella stays his sweet self. After the surgery, I may not be able to use the keyboard for quite a while so catch up later everyone! Meanwhile, stay good and blessed.