31 May 2010

In His time

It may be the least fun May we have to date, darting across places for business rather than leisure
, and not very rewarding... Still we're grateful for every time-out brief, and I'm thankful to Bear for offering his time when he should be grabbing it for rest.


It's still a lovely May, though less celebrated, less fruitful than we've hoped... but we have it all - good health, and peace; can't ask for more. =)


The heart fell from the petals when I had the vase refreshed! Not sure if it's from the sweet pea or carnation, so delicately shaped and sized... It answered the many 'when's kept in the vault, what's always making me anxious and remains beyond me.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:11


So I'm not going to question when will the next 'heart' happen , and surrendering the other bigger 'when's to Jesus. I know He'll take care of them. =)

Hope you had a lovely May.

24 May 2010

Home Alone 2010


e up 5a.m. to do breakfast, Bear had a train to catch.

I wish I'm a morning person. I wish Bear hadn't asked that stupid question when I was tackling a leaking trashbag. I wish I've answered nicely, so that Bear needn't feel nervous as a result and made further blunders. I wish I hadn't just check him in the side mirror, but turned around with a smile and said something nice. Silly Bear stood in the cold rain to see me drive off, I wish he had been furious enough and hurry inside the shelter. I wish these didn't happen when Bear would be away for a few days. I wish I hadn't been so touchy, foolish.

I wish I made an u-turn to plant some kisses. I pray that I can still make amends.

Lord I'm sorry. Please bless his work and bring him back safe and sound.

20 May 2010

Remembering May

May is a hectic month. Feel like we're rushing in and out of it, and stealing time in between the runs. I'm sure some stuff can be taken care of by themselves? Haha, I must have caught some nonchalance from the Bear over the years. =P


Taking some time today to remember May, before I rush out again. Pant pant...






And yes we managed to join Bear's folks on mini trips this Spring...



Father-in-law is someone who holds his liquor extremely well, Bear said that he must have emptied at least barrels his life. It's an irony how his son knocks out at any fine hint of alcohol. I actually drink better than he does. ;P

It's hard to write when the mind is operating in dry Japanese. Zzz...

19 May 2010

In a soft light



はい、はい、はい。 大すきです。

1st May 2010

17 May 2010


'm married to a procrastinator, who's good at making my already uptight self go doubly antsy.

Anyway, no good griping about it. We're desperately looking for a company that helps landscaping the garden before coming of Summer. In fact, these days are already starting to smolder.


Bear is finally starting to panic after combing our region for past weeks. See what I mean? This place is heavily deficient of sophistication even with expectations put aside. Nowhere is meeting the aesthetic demands at the present,
so we're expanding the search radius in hope for some better option.



With us nutty over greenery, plus our place being blessed with generous sunshine, I'm really hoping to exploit the condition to max. Yeah, I so want it to be a paradise for the birds and bees.



There is this need to stay focused and avoid some easy way out though Summer is inching in. The garden MUST be done immaculately, crossing fingers, eyes and toes.

11 May 2010

Spring's palate gone wild

ay, is supposedly the loveliest month for us.
Well, 2010's May barely comes close. There were so much to see to, like half a lot undone... Still, we're thankful that things went great like they should, at least the housewarming is done pretty.

Bear's friends had some quality time though, and was kind enough to offer some wild treats from the mountains. You read me - the mountains.


You seriously think these wild vegetables look edible?


I don't remember the names of these soiled fellas, they had thorns. =( So I revenged my fingers by frying them into lightly-battered tempuras.


They sure had this exquisite taste and fragrance, none that I've tasted before. I survived the consumption to find out later that these are not cheap stuff! Wild vegetables can only be picked during Spring, by experienced folks who would single out only the edibles. So they are considered as Spring's delicacies dished out mostly at classy restaurants or traditional inns.

Ok, what's next? Sinking teeth into a live fish?

P/S: Wish me best, as I'm preparing for Bear's birthday tomorrow! =D