25 July 2008

Soy milk with black sugar, Sugary Heart ;)

Milk is a no-no for Stardust. Is it the lactose, I'm not sure but it upsets my tummy a lot. Soy milk makes a brilliant replacement though, a definitely lighter and less fattening choice too. =)

I've found the right soy milk in Japan that carries a convincing flavour, but there's one. It's not sweet like what I've enjoyed in Singapore.

Thus, I tried having my drink with honey, condensed milk, or sugar but the combination was somewhat like ' oil and water '. I want something that is complementing, without killing the original taste.

Then came this day when we had desserts at a holiday inn, and I was offered this soy milk with 黒蜜、known as ' black syrup', and I just knew that the formula is found. =) The ' black syrup ' is actually made from a kind of black sugar, which is mineral rich and very earthy in flavour. It brings out the fragrance of the soy milk while preserving its own.

Without using the syrup, I simply get the black sugar for my soy milk at home and it just works like magic. =D These days, I'm having it chilled cos the weather is hopelessly hot. =)

Do you know? Besides richness in mineral, Black sugar is said to be especially good for ladies who suffer constant chill, cold feet or limbs, simply said, poor blood circulation. It has properties that warm up the body and improves body consituition after a constant intake. Unlike ordinary sugar, it burns up easily with its nuitrients readily absorbed by the body. With a right dosage, Black sugar is considered a health food and is recommended for cooking or desserts.

You may be able to find black sugar of other brands in the market. It looks like super dark brown sugar actually, see the picture below. =)

Now tell me... Did you Spot the Heart in the picture above? Nope? Then look again! =D

The ' heart ' is spotted only after I've imported the picture, and it stood there so loud, framed in soft hue of pink, thanks to the packaging of the product! What an amazing find... Can't help feeling something's good heading my way... Hahah, am I crazy!

Ok, I'll end with a silly collage of my cute glass, it has prints of bee and plants all over. It makes me smile. =)


So, Sweeties, I wish you a sugary weekend... ' Heart ' ya. ;)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Sturdust honey!! this glass is fantastic so tender and cutie! :-D
it's good that you've found the soy milk for yu poor little tender tummy :-) it's a good sobstitute!
I can find brown sugar not black and I'm not sure is the same!
I wish you a fantastic day darling! I send you a hug bigger than world!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

That hart is so clever!

Heer we can get soya milk sweetend or unsweetend. Mummy has tryd it but it maykes her not well.

Piggy said...

Hmmm... didn't know that black sugar is good for women, but it sure tastes great. Love your glass... so kawaii! :-)

Seen This Scene That said...

I see that you are still keeping a look out for things shaped like a heart. Good for you!

Ladybird said...

I've never heard about black sugar before and I doubt that we even have it here! :) And it's hard enough to find soy milk here. Interesting combination though ;) .

Stardust said...

Silvia, thank you! I send you this hug bigger than the universe! =D

Bobber, mummy has a weak tummy, doesn't she. I'm glad dat she izzn't allergic to choklit.

Piggy, thank you, I luv my glass too. =P

STST, hmm... I wonder how many can I find...

Ladybird, oh, so you don't drink soy milk anymore? Do you miss it?

sharilyn said...

i noticed the heart as soon as i saw the photo; i was glad you pointed it out to those non-see'ers! :) we have a VERY dark brown sugar in the States made from molasses, and it is wonderful! (looks the color of dark chocolate) love your glass, too! ~sharilyn

Stardust said...

Sharilyn, you're very sharp, I may not have noticed soon enough like you did. =P