30 June 2008

With Summer approaching

At the sight of the clear blue sky today, one would have thought it's already Summer!


Not quite yet! We're still in the midst of monsoon and Mr. Sun now smiles a little after 3 days of crazy downpour. Rain is returning again soon, maybe tonight?

Before hubby left the country last week, we took a ride on a sunny weekend. =)

Gorgeous day it was, but awfully humid. My body must have shed the Singaporean skin that is so used to heat and humidity.

Guess what these folks are trying to paint?


Bear is good with his oil paint too, I'm more to water colors. He suggested painting the terraced field when he's back, I yawned. So many times we thought of producing a painting each year, together with many other plans, none has been realized so far. =P


Well, at least, we should jog. This is one of those outstanding plans on the list roll. I shall make the Bear jog soon.


With all the rain and shine these weeks, I suppose that the mountain white tops will be stripped to ultra thin traces when the Bear's back.


And Summer slowly reveals itself, the merciless blaze of scorching Summer...

Oh I thought I'm seeing steam, I'm reaching for my glass of water. My mind's wavering at the thought of the jogging plan! Not again... =P

Have a splendid week!!


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

My sweetheart! Sorry for being away these days..but you know..when everyone begin his/her we of relax :-D I'm beginning the weddings so I'm so full of things to do and not enough time to do everything!
Do you know why your photos are always so gorgeous? Because they are taken with love ..I can feel you heart in every shot dear..this is what turns a normal photo into a special one!
love you dear and say "hi" from me to mr.bear :-D
A kiss as big as the universe :-)
thanks for exesting hun!

Seen This Scene That said...

Hi stardust, your photos show a gorgeous day with many splendid views. I specially like the view of rice fields with snow capped mountains.

Wendy said...

Hi there! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog! What *gorgeous* photos you take! So beautiful.

bp said...

You and Bear are so multi-talented... you must share with us your paintings one of these days!

Always so nice to be greeted by your beautiful pictures, that point to our awesome God and His wondrous creations!

You have a terrific week, too!

umekotyan said...



from loved ume tyan

Stardust said...

Silvia, thanks for coming despite being busy!! I feel bad, but happy. =P Oh, but my pictures are truly over-rated by you.

Seen This Scene That, thank you. Your posts are dimensional too.

Wendy, thank you.

BP, we're not talented, just too free... HAHAHAHAHHA!!!! =P