20 December 2012


This one is for Sharilyn, who came into my life in 2008 when I started blogging.  

It all began with this sweet collection we shared, the shape of heart.  She stumbled into my place, and you know that kind of feeling?  You're not the only one in this world who sees these little hearts happening around too? 

Through the years we mailed, shared our thoughts, prayed.  Her personality translates despite the miles, she's naturally thoughtful, kind, humble and sincere.  I've been so blessed by her sweetness the past years.

This one is for Sharilyn, who left for heaven hours ago with so many she left behind brokenhearted.

Just when I was thinking of you again, an image on tv had 2 cats forming a heart with their tails.  Was it you my friend, feeling my vibe?

Thank you for your presence and who you are.  Let's have our first hug when we meet in heaven.  Till then, I know I will think of you whenever hearts appear.  I hope that you catch the breathtaking diamond dust this winter from above, someday let's experience one together.  Meanwhile, relish the endless glories Jesus has in store for you.