24 December 2011

Home for Christmas


reetings! From Japan.

We actually flew back home a week ago, for reasons better forgotten, but our bags packed with toys and hearts full of joy. We're reunited with papa for this very special year end, our first Christmas, and first New Year together.

So all is good, and God is good for bringing us back so that we could celebrate the little guy who is another 6 months to a year old!

The cub was the apple of so many eyes then... my family, friends and even strangers. I was a proud mama throughout my stay in Singapore, my trophy, medal and prize lie in him. I've probably finally understood why people love to have kids?

At 5 months, the playful one was rolling over like a pro. I knew it, he looooves attention and is a big show off. He teased my family so much that everybody hurried home to catch their superstar. My brother must forgive me for posting this, know how much the cub liked it high on his uncle's shoulders. They are just too cute together!

I was most touched when my outrageously playful one was good throughout both flights, and even having passengers who couldn't resist him coming over to play. My eyes warmed when an Irish old lady praised and blessed him, these very warm-hearted people were too kind to an almost crippled mom struggling with a infant on the 7 hours flight.

I know you feel me when I say I'm thanking God for keeping the good spirits in my boy throughout those hours. :)


Someone may be right about me thinking too much for my little one is constantly in a good mood. True, but Mr. Sunshine has his Achilles' heel too. See what I mean.




And he means it.

Now into 6 months, I think I'm going grey if he's not going to love his semi-solids soon. HE~LP!!


It's Christmas tomorrow, the birthday of our Savior, who came just as helpless as any babe in the world. As I carressed my little one and ponder upon the many miracles and blessings in my life... who am I, to have Him come and give... I can't really put into words, but the story of Nativity just touches me anew, again.

Blessed Christmas everyone, wherever you are, know that His blessings have never left you. May the beautiful spirit of Christmas fills your heart and home.

14 December 2011

How many days...

To Christmas did you say?? I've been so dazed with so much late happenings that I'm missing all the fun of my favorite day.


A surgery is carried out successfully on my left wrist 4 weeks ago, and now the fella has forgotten how to rotate, bend or twist freely. It is recovering little by little, but surely, and a complete healing is just a matter of time. It's been so long that I'm able to carry my baby with ease again. :)

We're extending our stay in Singapore until February of the brand new year. I do have some concerns though cos my family members simply dote on my little one too much, I can't imagine returning Japan with a spoilt brat. :(


I know, I know. They can't help themselves. Even strangers love him.

Well, I guess it'll be good to siam ( Singapore slang ; avoid ) winter for a wee bit.

I'm not forgetting everyone who have cared about my condition. All the concern, emails, and follow-ups, thank you so much! Things were hard for quite a while, but kind people like you have made days bearable.

02 November 2011

Going home

n another 3 days, I'll be travelling with my 4 months old on a 7 hour flight home.

It isn't an easy decision. I worry about how the cub will cope with his first flight in his tender months, I guess it's why I'm not too thrilled about the trip this time.

The medical sectors in Japan aren't helping me, so I'm making a hopeful trip back for surgery on my wrists which are about to give way anytime soon. This Tendonitis has been tormenting me for years and been most unbearable the past months. I've been clenching my teeth so hard that I may lose them soon.

Looking back I couldn't have survived the past months with 2 bad wrists and an active baby without a new supply of grace granted to me day by day. Sniff...

Now I just need to pull through the flight, hoping that my fella stays his sweet self. After the surgery, I may not be able to use the keyboard for quite a while so catch up later everyone! Meanwhile, stay good and blessed.

29 October 2011

At 4 months

4 months have passed and we're still calling our little thing
'Breadcrumbs'. We use this cute icon conveniently whenever we text about the cub.


The 7300 grams of Breadcrumbs flips over with little help, and lunges himself forward as if he's ready to crawl.

His baby vowels have increased so much and it's really hilarious when he babbles non stop. He is starting to laugh and giggle aloud.

He has the most generous smiles and very friendly to strangers too.

I love it most when he looks at me affectionately and wraps his little fingers around mine.


Of course there are hair pulling moments like how he pulls his own hair and everybody elses, but he quickly makes up with his cute self.


At the mention of hair, I'm getting really scared as I'm shedding like autumn. Also, losing weight at an exponential rate too.. I didn't gain too much pregnancy weight to begin with due to the morning sickness slash, so it's all showing on my hollow cheeks and I'm looking as if I'm having morning sickness all over again.


It's a mixture of feelings whenever I bring the baby to the mirror, there he is all smooth and soft while I've never looked more haggard and tired.

It sounds great to look like a radiant mom holding my baby, but really I won't dwell too much on what's beyond my control. I'll be really happy though if I can just spend this winter cold-free.

24 October 2011

The Anniversary


oday is when we celebrate our wedding held in Japan 7 years ago.

I wrote about the same day last year, and named the post 'The Anniversary'.

What I didn't tell in the post back then, I was 5 days late by the anniversary day.

I didn't want to think too much about it for afterall it was the first time we tried. To be sure, I got my kit that morning and that's how all that cramping, headache and bloating explained.

I remember my feelings back then with so much detail that my eyes are warm with the same happy tears right now. :)

And so I had a surprise ready for Bear at our anniversary dinner! I was impatient throughout the slow meal as I couldn't wait for dessert, that's when I would pass him the kit ~ Happy Anniversary honey, I have a present for you. ;)

’本当に?’ he said. Yes honey, I know it all seems very orchestrated but yes, you are becoming a daddy soon!

But I remember telling him too that we may be rejoicing too soon as my age is a factor, and my health hasn't been too good since I've started living in Japan.


This year, there are 3 of us at the dining table. Bear and I had our favorite pizza, the little one watched on curiously and was foaming like a crab. It's ok we didn't make it to any place fascinating. Happiness has never been nearer next to the one you love. :)

Thank you God, for every single blessing.

22 October 2011



My sweetest little thing has turned 4 months today. :)

Every morning, I will breathe from behind his ear deeply, and hoping that I'll smell like him. I tap happiness from my darling my waking hours, it's soley him I see in our photos. There's a new self worth when I know how much my voice can calm my angel. The inner child in me holds his hand, we'll go to moon and return with a star together. I've never known a bigger motivation, hope and purpose.

Did I mention I'm a mom of 4 months already? I'm a newborn, a born again, a new being called 'mom'? Poke me, I'll ooze love.

But soon after I've typed all these from top of the world, I'm feeling everything else a mom doesn't want to know.

Especially after reading Fiesty Princess Charmaine.

The Dragon Mom.

Poor Yue Yue.

The missing 2 year old girl in Japan.

It's scary. You thought you're now an invincible new creation, but you're so wrong. A mom doesn't run the world for her own, but for the little ones she gives life to whose destinies she has no control over. She protects, defends, prays and hopes to her last breath.

Moms. You may not know them, but you connect with them all across the world. You'll shed tears for a stranger mom, and get on your knees for a suffering one. You even feel for your worst enemy, and bless her children. And humble yourself before God with hope that you'll never be tested.

It's all too bold for the gentler gender. And because I'm convinced not every woman has motherly instincts, I've been avoiding the issue my married years.

But now, let me embrace this complicated, delicate, vulnerable role. No regrets.

God, please bless the mothers and their children.


19 October 2011



ay 2 without Bear's paws. My shoulder and neck twisted as they go cahoots with the bad wrists.

Worry not. Every ballet-trained knows how to deal with twists. Never freeze yourself into a statue, that's making things worse. Rotate or move the affected part very slowly in all possible directions, it'll be painful but the stressed muscles will loosen up. Massages help too.


I'm cool, really! Catch this!

Me : I love you.

Baby : Smile.

Me : My 心肝宝貝 ( precious ).

Baby : SMILE.

Me : What's for dinner ... hmm. Can I pop one of your thighs into the oven tonight?

Baby : Grin.

Me : You like it with spice and herbs, or terriyaki style?

Baby : Big grin and started kicking excitedly.

I swooped my darling up, and gave the biggest tightest hug that could restore him back into my belly if we're made of jellies. Pain? What pain? He's my healer, my sweetener, the reason I carry on.

I'm blessed.

18 October 2011

10 days


OOK! He's using both hands!


Silly Bear almost jumped over the sofa to grab the camera, just because the cub held the zebra's tail in his right fist.

The cub has been doing his stuff with both hands since 1st week of 3 months Darling.
I do pity the busy dad who has been missing the cub's milestones.

Lucky him, he had some 10 days break to catch up with us, but not so lucky anymore when he had to lend his hands on home chores. Also, driving places to seek second opinion on my bad wrists.

We did some shopping, purchased new bulbs for the garden, chillax at cafes and eateries wee bit... Oh yes, and the cub's passport applied.

Today onwards, I'm back to my own with my chap. Sitting here recalling the past 10 days short of blog-worth...

But it was nice just by being together.

15 October 2011

For all we know


ver the past months some of my friends were lost and found thanks to FB.

I'm especially moved when 'reunited' with bad boy A. The heavy smoker with his playboy magazines who even bullied me a little, he's a born again now. An occupational therapist who helps the visually challenged, an image distant from his past.

And my secondary school friends who shared those bitter-sweet-bitter teenage years, we weren't kids raised in homes that taught stars could be reached. Disillusioned, none of us could see where we would be in 10 years. I guess most of us wished for lots and lots of luck when we graduated.

When 20 years have passed,

*Poor K who never seemed to do anything right, is now an associate director at a property firm.

*Shortskirt X travels the globe as an executive secretary.

*Gangsta A runs his own business with close connections at Dubai.

*Nerdy N a systems analyst.

*Shorty B makes his name in dance sports and belongs to a dance company.

*XY, E and F are raising 4, 5 and 6 children respectively.

*Soft V teaches at our very school.

Most had a taste of setbacks, but look how far they've come. I can't help feeling happy for everyone of them.

Bear let me down when my pot of greenie perished in summer. He thought I was trying to protest by letting it sit there, truth is I was hoping for a miracle though it seriously looked dying.

Then in the middle of all busyness, I forgot about why I didn't do away with it.

Until 2 months later, its promising green reminds me again of what I was waiting for.

And I'm reminded too, that even though sometimes things just never went my way, life just gets better.

It's a sweeter tomorrow. For all we know. :)

09 October 2011



On 30th September, it was when the cub turned a 100 days old and we held the お食い初め ( Okuizome ) for him. 

Lifted from the internet : The Okuizome is performed in hopes that the child would never have to worry about food. Although this may differ slightly by region, the Okuizome usually occurs 100 days after birth when the child starts to eat baby food. Some regions may do this on the 110th ~ 120th day. The baby only pretends to eat the food in this ceremony.

Bear got the cub his very own set of cutlery especially for the ceremony. It's surely way practical than the traditional lacquered ware as the latter isn't designed for durability.


Most of the dishes laid on the table signify a blessing for the child. I don't remember having worked so hard in the kitchen since his arrival, but I'll go miles if it's for my precious cos He. Is. Special! :D

Ok, I cheated on this Bream though as we had it ordered. :P

And I didn't make the red bean rice, the sushi, and the tart too. Grin.

Umm, you see... my wrists really hurt, and they still are. :/


But I can't explain myself anymore when I forgot about the stone that means strong teeth for the boy! In desperation, I brought out the stone his dad used for proposal.

Ok darling, mama promises to try harder for the next big thing. I'm just so glad that life offers so many celebrations for second chances. ;)

02 October 2011

Grab your covers



It's getting cold. Brr...

29 September 2011


is first jab today, the BCG, but it was mommy who had a nervous spell for the past week.

Is he going to lose apetite after that? Is it alright to bathe him later? Is it going to be painful? Is he going to cry and wriggle vigorously and hurt my wrists and will I lose my grip and AHH~~~

Fortunately, papa Bear came along too.

And my worries were unfounded. He let out a small shriek, there were tears in his eyes, but he suppressed the rest. It was funny to see a baby holding back so hard like that, a little too hard to watch without laughing. He was all cool again when I greeted him 'Hey Sexy' ( he had his left arm exposed ). He liked it. :P

We're first time parents struggling to settle several tasks in a day! So the cub tagged along to the mall, that was when 2 strangers came over to tell me how adorable my boy is. The Japs aren't very outspoken people you know, I'm flattered, extolled; overwhelmed. Do you know the fella just had his jab? Of course, I didn't tell them that.

I'm so proud of him! Sniffs. There'll be many firsts to take on from now, but if it's him I'm working with, I think we'll do fine. :)

Oh yes, papa Bear got the cub a set of exclusive cutlery. Guess what we are up to with it.


Nah, it isn't the gift he's excited about. It's the laundry dangling above him.


Silly boy.

28 September 2011

At 3 months

Here's giving Summer 2011 a closure for it has been the most eventful since we've got married. It's a wonder how a tiny person is capable of reforming our world completely. We're banished to a phase where romance is extinguished, but it's alright. Baby Bear worths it.

The little thing has turned 3 months on the 22nd. Every single day, he reminds me that he is everything I've wished for! :D


On the 22nd, he joined us at the dining table in his high chair
for the first time.


I carry over 6600 grams of him at the present. My wrists really
really hurt.

He loves one of mommy's favourite song 'Close to you' by the Carpenters. And smiles wryly when I sing him 甜蜜蜜.

He sucks one mitten delightfully while stroking his head with the other hand, then he would let them switch job. As for why mittens at 3 months, the silly fella keeps pulling out his hair. :(

See that fist? You bet there are several strands within.

He is starting to recline like the Sphinx.

We have conquered the outdoor, YAYS! Third time works like a charm and it's a happy baby we pop into the stroller now.


As for the one on laundry, you already knew. :)

What you didn't know is it's been a fairly turbulent period counting down to his 3rd month.

I had to force the bottle on him with pumped milk as I had trouble with a nipple.

My left wrist is so swollen and painful that I can't even open a jar now. Tendonitis sucks.

I have the cub secured all the time for safety only to realise that being overly protective is only detering him from gaining motor skills. And just when I was assuming that we aren't running into trouble very soon, I froze at a LOUD THUD and my heart shattered to pieces when I realised my baby has fallen from the sofa!

His cries pierced me through and through... This moron promised never to leave him at risk again. :(

Fortunately, he was back to his merry self very soon, but recalling this incident still gives me cramps all over.


The foremost thing now is to get my wrists fixed real soon for my darling loves my arms around him! Also, may his 4th month be kind despite challenges like the cold dry climate, and painful needles for the poor little guy. He's receiving his first tomorrow! YIKES!

I'm sorry if you're sick of stories about the cub already. He's everything I eat, sleep, breathe and bleed now. :P

17 September 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall

The baby is asleep, so I'm stealing time to blog.

Seriously, if I could, I want to blog about him every single day. But really, I would rather put away fun stuff to be with him cos I won't know what precious moments I'll miss.

It's a lot like Areosmith's ' I don't want to miss a thing'. I feel pretty aligned with the lyrics.

Don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to fall asleep
Cause I'd miss you babe
And I don't want to miss a thing

Corny I know, but he is such a bundle of joy. I'm hopelessly obsessed with him. :)


Almost every single day, he amuses me with his spring of curiosity, and all that innocence.

When I stood before the mirror with him last week, he was busily shifting view between me and my reflection. I felt like carrying a piece of cartoon when he flipped his puzzled face with that kind of speed.

Then earlier this week, he has probably got it. Ahh~ it's a mirror. And the vain baby took all the time to study himself in it.

This evening, he had hiccups when we were playing 'aeroplane', so I walked him around to distract him from the discomfort, and got ourselves before the mirror again.

The cub looked at himself and went hic* smile~ hic* smile~ hic* SMILE~ hic* smile~+SMILE~ hic* smile~

It was so funny I had to summon Bear immediately. Too bad, Bear only managed to catch 2 hics and the show was over.

Now you know why I want to be around the baby so much.

Mirror mirror on the wall, he's the cutest hic*cub of all.

09 September 2011


These days, I've been watching...

* The uber vain baby, his cuteness overload.

* Beautiful summer sunsets, which I fail to capture for I have the cutie to entertain.

* News... #1 local climate. Typhoon has struck Japan hard for the past week and the southern part has suffered lives lost and serious damages. Tough year for Japan.

*News... #2 Drought in Africa.

I think I haven't mentioned the mails I've been receiving since the arrival of my lil one.

Some of the mails just throw me off when they mention how hard life must be for me now...

A hard life? Hardly! Nothing is harder than watching the people suffering in Africa. Imagine my lil one being the child in this picture. Now this is hard!

Have you ever heard people said, that God isn't fair - The rich gets to squander wealth, while the poor embraces poverty forever. A friend changed my mind when she shared, ' God blesses the rich so that they can help the poor. '

Any amount counts. I think we are all capable of being a blessing to others than just watch.

The World Food Programme is one of the convenient sites to offer a contribution.

“Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

Matthew 25:34-40

31 August 2011

Baby Dedication 28th August 2011

And so one dearest prayer answered.

My very own baby in a white lacey christening gown.


Everytime a newborn don in purity white shows up before me, I'm filled with awe and envy to tears. For every gift that blessed friends' babies, I prayed that the Lord would bless us too.

And here comes my angel finally. See him beaming and all dressed up in finest cotton.


He was good throughout the dedication, asleep to be exact, so he had no idea how mommy was moved to tears during prayer, no more envy for reason this time.

To raise the child with Lord's wisdom and strength is all on our mind now, that he'll be a blessing to all around him. Alongside, may we grow as parents responsible for the cub's being, that we may be answerable for this marvellous gift entrusted to us... :)

Also, the family clan thing went good.

Apparently, Baby Bear is the only hope that carries on the family name, all the other relatives are having girls and have passed reproductive age. Everybody can't be more pleased with the new addition to family 'O'.

We're blessed.

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.
Psalm 127 :3

Thanking all for the kind encouragement earlier, we shall take on each outdoor as it comes.