11 September 2008

3rd award for the blog


Blush... much as I try to, I don't think I can conceal it very well especially when this heart is bursting with joy! The humble blog has received a new award! My heartfelt thanks to Sharilyn, whose blog is a hot pursuit of ' Heart ' images, and also penned with intimate devotions of her daily walk in Christ. Honestly, I often wish that I can write anything half as good as Sharilyn's, for ' My Daily Bread ' corner.

Thank you Sharilyn, for sharing your fine thoughts and inspiration so selflessly. I'm often collecting smiles when I drop by, and I love the way you share. I hope that our friendship is here to stay. =D

Now it's time to spread the joy!

1. Sharilyn : I don't see why your blog is not loved, after having mentioned my point above! Hugs.

2. Kimberly : You've opened my eyes to the spiritual facet of heart rocks and images of heart... I've come to know that they are not just mere rocks or images, some are obviously tokens and promises from the Lord. As I continue my search for one, I know that I shall find plenty more from your place, which carry stories that encourage my soul. I thank you much for sharing.

3. 梅子さんへ : Blog をやめない事、ありがとうございます。 そして、新たな’Blogの旅’、おめでとうございます。 再開のお祝いを兼ねて、いつも癒してくれるBlogにアワードを渡します。 この友情が長く深く続くように。。。これからもよろしくお願いします。

Believe me, there are truly too many blogs that I love and can't stop going back to, like my favourite cheese cake bakery! Hahahahah!!! All you people who are ruthlessly hunted down, nope you're not responsible for the fats I've put on, it's all the evil cheese cake's fault. Hahahahha!!!

What if visiting great blogs can be a fattening affair? Can you imagine that? Hahahahahah!!!

Ooops, I've digressed. Anyway, I've observed that some Bloggers aren't very comfortable recipients and I thought it's best not to impose carelessly. However, it really doesn't mean the I love your blog any less, especially those that I've been visiting regularly, I'm sure you know who you are!! <3


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Congratulations! I can see why you would receive this award ... I LOVE YOUR BLOG... I really love you as well and what you do for me. You lift my spirits when I feel icky and that last big seizure I had, you were there as well offering me support so I thank you, my friend!

I can see once more your blog is readable and your photos are so amazing!!
I love the fireworks. Splashes of colors that burst out packets of joy in my heart... what lovely views... I'm glad I have come by!

I hope you are both doing well.

stay-at-home mum said...

Congrats on receiving the award - you deserve it!!!

Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Wow hun! congrats for this lovely award! you deserve it!
have a wonderful day dear and God bless you! :-D

Jade said...

Gratz! Gratz on your 3rd award! Everything looks so beautiful and magical with your little Stardust's touches! I love and enjoy coming by here!

Stardust said...

Sniff... Everybody's so kind. I hope this reaches you heart : I LOVE YOUR BLOG too! HUGS...

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Congratulations on your award! Thank you for your kind words of support for my blog. The greatest joy I find in blogging is meeting people like you and discovering the beauty of someone's soul through their writing, passions and creative self-expression. Love visiting your blog...always a deep breath of fresh air.

Blessings...praying that God will reveal to you a special heart rock in His special time and His special way.


Stardust said...

Kimberly, I find joy at your bog too. =) I really hope that I'll find the rock soon! =D

bp said...

congrats! i love your blog, and am sure everyone who finds it, thinks the same too! keep sharing, and thanks for sharing! and of course, i love how blogging has brought our paths together, and i thank God for you =)