30 July 2008

No Reservations

I wanted to know what Catherine Zeta-Jones is up to in a kitchen. She shed her body-flattering clothes for a white chef suit. No scarf, but an apron; you know.

I'm a little disappointed that ' No Reservations ' has too little kitchen scenes, and barely any cooking tips. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching how Catherine Zeta-Jones works, her no nonsense-intensity is totally captivating. Aaron Eckhart on the other hand is a clear contrary, but his appealing wild antics make me laugh.

The show potrays a heart softened, owned by emotionally-reserved genius chef ( Catherine ). Someone who drills all her energy into her kitchen-empire, but affords nothing for a private life. Everything changes when she is forced to take care of her deceased sister's child, followed by an intrusion of romantic chef ( Aaron ) in HER kitchen. The chef who soley knows how to produce smackingly good dishes, finally learns to draft the right recipe for her life. A straight forward love-comedy drama with a delicious ending.

My favourite scene? It must be that neat move featured 5 minutes nearing the end. Catherine Zeta-Jones cemented the unaltering truth. Beautiful people look stunning in anything, or nothing. Her eating and drinking, beautiful. When she's angry, vexed, mean and sad; beautiful. Just WHY is she so beautiful?!?! I'm breathless...

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