28 December 2009

A month, at home

ur new love nest stands a month old. =)

I so enjoy preparing breakfast in the golden sunshine, meals and tv with Bear. =) The birds must have interpreted my joy with their chirping. I watch them while basking in coziness after chores, and contemplate on what to do with the garden.


Sometimes, I'm impulsed to pinch myself, afraid that it may be my imagination running wild. Most of the time, God's work is that amazing, it truly takes time to experience and digest the entire thing!


First Christmas at home was *magical* ~ I laid hands first time on my first built-in oven! Yes, you know that I know that you know how an oven makes or breaks a meal. Bear thinks I deserve nothing less than a fine gas oven. =)


Drifting away on river glee, we didn't forget our previous place that helped realize the present dream. Anyone should know how hard it is to get a decent apartment in Japan, but our former home acquired brand new was beyond just great! I miss the gentle sunshine and intimate corners... I suppose our neighbours were jealous? cos we've monopolized the best unit. Could they be missing my flowers now?

.Yes, God provided a home far better than we've asked for. I'll never forget the excitement when we first found the place, and memories under the comfortable shelter we've loved going back to... Take a peek at the old home.



Good thing is, we still get to say 'hi' on the road back from church. =)


Amidst daily thanksgiving, we look forward to the year brand new, and wonder what's in store for each one of us, sometimes with shade of honest uncertainty... But then, HEY! No matter how things may look tough and tall, they'll work out. For....

...with God all things are possible. Matthew 19:26

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8: 28


With this place furnished with His amazing grace, we really want to make it home for not just two of us. God willing... I think we're ready.

Wishing all across the world, peace and love for 2010.

25 December 2009

Blessed Christmas

lad that I've caught the Nativity on tv... I thought I've known the story well enough, but a new message is revealed to my heart whenever the account refreshed.

I won't even nod to the idea of giving birth in our home's storeroom, but Jesus, King of kings is born a vulnerable babe in a filthy stable and placed in a manger.

I'm captivated by the divinity of the humbled birth that promises peace and hope for the world, what's better than a feast and boxes wrapped under the Christmas tree.

Taking time to remember the Lord again this day, for His immeasurable love. And may the tender spirit of Christmas falls upon all hearts... Peace to all.

22 December 2009

I miss...

I miss normal days, carefree weekends, and turning in early. The past weeks have been beyond imagination taxing.

Still, we didn't want to miss Christmas amidst all busyness... The Christmas tree is erected 11 Dec night, and we've been enjoying the lights since. =)


The house is adorned with decor of red, gold, ivory and things that breathe Christmas cheer.


We didn't forget to steal rewards in between, like popping into our favourite cafe, enjoying ice-cream next to heater, sinking teeth into sweetest Fuji apples, while keeping warm this winter.


I miss checking mails, visiting sites, blogging... I miss my camera even if it means tiring wrists... and earning a frown from Bear when he sees me fishing it out at restaurants. Laughs. I miss irritating the big guy with harmless little mischief!


So, I really love the feel of taking it up again after missing all the practise. =)


Last, but not least, let's try not to miss the friend or loved one during this season, no matter how crazy days may be... =)

11 December 2009

ay 14 at home.
Taking 5 to idle.

I lied. Been checking blogs the whole morning
. Heheh.

I've just?!?! realized that Christmas is around the corner!! Question : Do 10 odd days of admiring the Christmas tree worth straining muscles that have been aching over the past 20 odd days??

Silly, you've been waiting for this day for like a lifetime!

So you see, I got to get back working, but the happiness meter reads FULL. =) Hope you're having a leisurely nice time preparing for Christmas!

08 December 2009



ay 11 at home.

Finally, I'm getting internet connection.

Finally, the phone is working and I've managed to call papa last night.

Finally, dust is clearing out, things are falling into places, and the house is getting a liveable look.

There's still work to do till everything is finally fine-tuned, but let me steal some time for a breather after all that labor. Heheh.

Thank you, Jesus. We've made it.