31 May 2011

Beautiful May

Counting down to the last minutes of May 2011, but hmm... it's not happening - the arrival of Breadcrumbs.

The fella is due a month later alright but you know how some first-timers and older moms have their present arrived earlier! So whenever spasms of Braxton Hicks contractions or subtle cramps happen, my heart is sent racing mad fast!! Is it the real thing? Now??

But nope. Looks like Breadcrumbs is still having a good time incubating snug within mommy.

It's alright. May is special enough and I think it's good we don't have all three birthday cakes in same month. :P

Papa Bear says we must fly the fella fishes in the air to celebrate Boy's Day ( or Children's Day ) next May.



I hope it'll put a big smile on Breadcrumbs.

Take your time darling, take your time. And I'm sure God will put you in my arms at the perfect timing. :) Meanwhile, mommy is cherishing every single moment having you so close within me.

This May has been one of the most beautiful.

23 May 2011

At 34 weeks

I'm in my 9th month bagging Breadcrumbs. :)


I've only started putting on this beautiful maternity dress since week 31. In fact, another pair of jeans makes up the entire fashion I have for my maternity journey. I'm so small that ladies in their 7th/8th month carry a tummy prouder than mine. Embarrassment is written all over faces for those who judged me at my 7th. No offense taken cos hellooo, my bump is finally getting noticed and receiving congratulatory gestures!

Aside from daily sashaying, I'm still sleeping soundly on my back. No sign of stretch marks, no discomfort, no significant changes that label ' I'm pregnant, please be more considerate to me. ' I held the door open for preggos in their earlier months but trudging harder. I'm totally dismissed for a questionnaire targetted at preggos that comes with a cute gift. Obviously, my tummy isn't obvious enough!

But I'm thankful for this wonderfully easy journey, when I could be enduring possible discomfort in my final trimester. In fact, a week of swelling at 21st March was all I remember. Breadcrumbs is weighing good at 2147grams and seems to react knowingly to stimulation. Nah... I know. It could purely be a mommy's wishful imagination. :P

Anyway, catch my 34 weeks 1 day darling pout, smooch and sticking tongue out. The umbilical cordie does run under his chin sometimes.




My darling had to sleep! when we attempted the 4D scan first time a week ago! This time, I deliberately had an early breakfast with hope that he'll wake up timely and nudge me for an intake. I brought my player along too. That's how we caught him pinched his nose, rubbed his face and had a lot of cute pouts.

You know how Breadcrumbs reacted to Claire de lune that we hear all the time?


He gave us 2 smiles that day. :))

16 May 2011

Blooming this year

nside, we have Rowndy my most faithful friend, which I've let down a li
ttle during winter due to morning sickness, but it bloomed ungrudingly anyway. Can't ask for more! :D

Outdoor, the tulips are inviting butterflies and bees like I've hoped. Gee I never knew that they are such lasting flowers. At the eastern wing, I have a surplus planted for vase decor so the florists won't be seeing me for quite a while.


Catch my new addition of Lavender shrubs from the bird's eye view!


We chose a Japanese Maple and a Benthemidia Florida from the council, gifted to us this March, and bro D helped with the planting before he left for Singapore. Benthemidia Florida has such beautiful flowers!


And the Japanese snowbell is blooming soon in June.


Now everyone is doing fine except my fav Hydrangeas. CRY! I'm utterly ashamed cos Hydrangeas ARE hardy plants so something must be wrong with my handling!

On a lighter note I'm definitely feeling spirited now compared weeks ago, when the hospital matter sorta shook me bad... But a miracle is happening, I've transferred to this excellent hospital that meets my every single need!! Now you oughta know things are rock rigid in Japan, like it's impossible to recall the plane taken off, but YES, I am hopping onto the flight of hope, by the grace of my mighty God.

It's like seeing a rainbow after a rain of desperation. :) I'm sure I'll be empowered for what may come. For God is in control.

12 May 2011

My sweetest guys

oday, Bear turns 47 while his junior gets 33 weeks

I'm saying no thanks to a floured kitchen this year, and redeeming things with a homemade dinner course tonight. Did fetch some pasteries for dessert during my walkie though. Oh yes, the walkie that Breadcrumbs gave several excited ( read : painful ) kicks for reason I know not. (**)

And since Bear eats almost anything, I obeyed my preference. Cos, what I want = what Breadcrumbs wants.


I can't help giving in to Breadcrumbs, the fella has my heart in his hand!! I just noticed it days ago when I was studying the ultrasound scan again.


Sorry Bear, I can't decide which one of you I like better but surely you are my sweetest guys. Happy Birthday Luv.

11 May 2011

May 2011



The busiest May of all I remember. With Bear mostly working overtime, us attending to what means business, and snap; the Golden Week holiday is over. Brief like the blossoms.




There are issues still suspending in the air, especially the hospital thing, what looks like insanity to mom of baby turning 33 weeks tomorrow. Admit it, you must be thinking 'Hey, this shouldn't be happening!' But darn, it is.


Anyway, to forget about Japan's environment I'm dealing with, I'm diving into the comfort of food before my sentence begins. Amusingly, I'm craving more meat and sweet treats as days go by, if you know how much I've never liked them. I just don't recognise myself anymore! (**)




The present situation is a lot like how much we've missed out this Spring, but I don't want to forget a thankful attitude, cos I know my guy tries very hard to salvage things, and color my 'last days' happy. And also, the avid golfer is quitting the sport for an indefinite period to lend his paws at home. I hope it's a good sign that the Bear desires to be domesticated!

I hope everyone else is having a sweeter Spring.

10 May 2011

Make it count

realise how very little pictures we have of us since married.

It rang louder since the recent tsunami. When I caught an uncle on tv : A picture of his missing partner in his wallet was the only trace he had as he searched on.

Bear and I are always fighting over the camera, capturing each other on secret shots, but neither of us is dilligent with setting up the tripod. The picture he has of us in his wallet is taken while we were dating, while I've long emptied the compartments to make way for cards. Almost every of my friends on Facebook questioned ' why isn't there a picture of you two on your profile? '

Suddenly it dawns on me, have we been taking ourselves for granted all these years. Do I have something concrete of Bear if everything were to be swept clean off me this very moment?

So I suggested pictures of us, this May - our special month. Bear couldn't agree more, but first he would need a hair cut. He has crazy curls you see, and vain Bear desires to look smart beside me. Fine... but his curls are totally out of control now even when the long hols are over, there's just no time to visit the stylist.

Oh yes... Time, this one too. Haven't we been taking all these years for granted also I wonder?

I'm not the most spontaneous person in the world, and I just don't know what holds me back sometimes. Not sure how it works, but I'm hoping to make things count from now on. Anything, everything.