31 May 2012

Rounding up May

Friends who have been here long enough know that May is a very special month for us.

8 years
We had our bronze wedding anniversary 1st May, though we didn't arrive at the day like how people thought we would, in fact, the past year is one we've been most tested.  Some said the 3rd person triggered it all - the innocent baby.  I think it's more like we had our honeymoon 7 years too long, and mature too little. But it's ok.  We'll grow, alongside with the baby.

37 years old
I've turned 3 years shy of Chapter 40, though I feel like 25, reason like 28, move like 39 and look like 44. My birthday wish is being pain-free forevermore.   Last year was a tough one for me.  To name the majors : I went through 22 hours of contraction.  Endured 3 months of painfully damaged tendon.  Had a surgery on my left wrist and still working on the stiffness.  3 days before my birthday, I fell and fractured the forefinger on the right, which should take another month to heal.  Rejoice with me, for I guess my mid-life crisis is over!!.  I'm so looking forward to my wholesome self again.

Children's Day
5th May is Children's Day in Japan.  The cub had his many firsts.  First balloon, first snack gift, first origami paper.  Being a parent is great!  I felt like a child again when receiving the goodies on his behalf.
And our spirits soared as we raised the carp streamer at home to celebrate the day the traditional way.

Bear's birthday
I wish I could make his favorite dishes like I always did, but not with my finger swollen like a smooth sausage. He can have my finger.  

Mother's Day
I never thought Mother's Day could become a special day for myself.
For the longest time I couldn't understand why I should be born a girl and all that bitterness just ate me alive.  But now, I've finally reconciled with myself.  I'm a brand new person with a purpose and a vision.  Being a woman finally feels wonderful, I wouldn't have known this self worth until I have my child.

Mothers are thanked on this day.  But really, I think I have my baby to thank for giving me such a great start in life.  Wow.

11 months
In Japan, babies under one are considered 零才 : zero years old.  How cute is that?  Sadly, this is the final month my cub stays 零才. Why should time pass so quickly when babies are so so cute.
And why should beautiful May be over so quickly. 

May I never forget that it was God's grace that made everything beautiful. :)

16 May 2012

On blogging

Ahh... Spring.. my favorite season.  I can't tell you how much I love it even without having it whole.  


 I am bursting with memories to blog about but at this point of time, blogging looks more like a pile of files to clear.   Yet I know that blogging the memories count for if there comes a day I'm grey or able to idle again, the blog will be ripe and good to read.

So I'll try.  For my own sake.  Me, myself and I.

Recalling the earlier blogging years.. I used to avoid parenting blogs and mommys' blogs as I couldn't find a relevance in their lives, much less leave a sensible comment.  As for those mommies I'm keeping up with, they are precious friends I've made thanks to blogging.  

The way I see how I'll blog from now, it's going to be the kind of blog I used to shun, writting mostly about the cub, the cub and the cub.  It will send any carefree soul away, or even cure an insomnia... hahaha.

But he matters to me, I'm all about him now.

It's only natural that people go.  But thank you for if you're still staying around and asking how we're doing.   

To everything there is a season, I'm glad it's my time to be a mom. :)