28 January 2011

Getting thru by grace

cold had to find me since 3 days ago, though I've kept it well at bay for the last icy seasons.

It's very discouraging, especially at such times. When I'm not feeling anywhere near best, when the climate is cold, when my apetite is not coming back ( a not eating Singaporean is an angry Singaporean ) when a nagging backache gets worse with days, when my doctor's assistant nags that I should look around for experienced mothers' help, while she doesn't understand how hard some walls stand to break. I should be already shaking legs at Singapore during this period of time, joining my family to welcome the Chinese New Year, probably having a bad throat and indigestion due to over-consumption of sinful goodies, instead of cooping up here hoping that the next cough is not adding to the existing queasiness.

I miss pa, everyone else at home, my friends, and everything Singapore. It's bitter sweet reading how everybody is preparing for the New Year celebration back there.

But the agony eased up when I awoke this morning, surprisingly whole lot more relieved from the cold after just a dose of meds. I'm sort of astonished. For the previous colds, I've never ever got by any without suffering more than 2 weeks, or a month in winter.

God is good. When things get unexplainably good when it's supposedly bad, I can't help but ascribe it to His goodness. His compassion never fails. It's the bitterness this time I percieve what sweetness is.

I think I will get through. By His grace I'm sure, there's more sweetness to discover ahead in life.

23 January 2011

At 17 weeks

ickets for the World Championships sold out in less than 20 minutes yesterday. We didn't even manage to catch an operator on the phone or capture the page online.

But I'm actually secretly happy, knowing that there'll be no tiresome travelling, jostling and putting up at hotel by when I'll be heavier. I guess I'll be gratified enjoying the telecast at the comfort of home. So thanks for all the wishes, I think we've got what's best for us. :)


As for Bear, he put it all behind him as soon as when we've met up with the gynae. And meeting baby whom we've been calling and so for the time being, 'Breadcrumbs'. :)

At 17 weeks & 3 days, the fella is developing 6 days ahead while mommy lost a whopping 6kgs during the 1st trimester.

I didn't know that I'm already in my 5th month! I think I look relatively small then but doctor is assuring me that baby weighs good at 157grams.

What's most exciting would have to be seeing Breadcrumbs on screen. In less than 10 minutes, the fella sucked its thump, rested a fist upon the forehead like it got a headache, waving, flexing, and krumpin' bo diam ( Singaporean slang for 'restlessly' ). This mama shouldn't have been watching too much ' So you think you can dance '.

I'm more than sure now. Those bobbing since 13th week were from the little Krumper then. ;)

Doctor discloses the gender not until 20 weeks. Whichever. Nothing else really matters besides Breadcrumbs developing healthily. :)

18 January 2011


ah, the ballot didn't happen for us.

Bear is tremendously disappointed while on the other hand, I'm sorta relieved about the gone need to endure a journey to Tokyo. Or... is it the Ah Q mentality at work this time.

But honestly on this one, I'm displeased with people offering their tickets jacked up 3 times on the internet auction. Hey!

Anyway, a telephone line booth will be opened this Saturday, though tix is limited. Dicey I know, it's still a 2nd chance! ;)

13 January 2011

First wager of the year!

n case wishes do run out... I'm not even going to hope that she takes the title. All I wish is to see Kim Yuna in person this year!!

My most adored sportswoman to date, super heroine, reigning Figure Skating gold medalist of Winter Olympics games, epitome of a girl... Ahh...

Since 2007, I've been waiting for her to compete in Japan again, and SHE IS coming for the World Championships this March!

Admission is sharp, a ballot system has to be implemented as there is an overwhelming demand of 80 times more compared to past ticketing!

And rumors have it that Kim Yuna may be competing for the last time in her skating career! Jitters.

So you see I've just GOT TO go see her! I've never liked using the word, but please wish me luck! Or you can pray, bribe the ticketing counter, or lend me your guns.

ARRR!!! &%#&#@!!! Ballot results are out on 17th Jan. May the longest necks get the seats!

09 January 2011

Year of Rabbit



Do you know that it's the year of 'Rabbit' according to the oriental zodiac, yup it works for the Japs too. But it's a 'Boar' for the Jap's version while the Chinese are having theirs as 'Pig'.


Year after year like many other homes, we've been celebrating the Japanese new year in a totally busy and exciting fashion. Definitely not this year though.

Less is more - been trying to convince myself that minimalism is a virtue this time. Can only afford to do this much with this little I'm consuming, how much can you wring out of a hard dried towel really? I'm forgiven for not being able to give home a total clean. Forgiven for preparing nothing for celebration meals and forgiven over miscellaneous obgliations. I. am. forgiven.

It's my year ( ok, the rabbit is let out of the bag ). I call the shots - Bear slaves.


He got this gorgeous new year ornament to honor the rabbit highness at home. In Japan, all pretty things come pricey, but we've decided that only the relevant zodiac years need exaltation. Besides, I deserve it. :P

Correction. We deserve it, me and the little one within. ;)

07 January 2011

Cheers to 2011



300th post.

Celebrating friends who've been putting up with the past 299 ~ you're the sweetest.

01 January 2011

Happy New Year, and thank you

appy New Year! Wishing everybody a great 2011 from the bottom of my heart - good health, peace and joy. Every single goodness you've been thinking fondly of!

The God-Blessed Box is 3, and a post to its 300th. Thank you for being you around, if you still are. It's an insipid lifestyle I'm recording, so thanks for bearing with everything. And thank you for the sweet friendship - it's like being treated with an extra topping on ice-cream
cos it's a special day.