10 July 2008

Preferred Japanese Plum Wine

Proceeding the previous post, I recommend this Plum Wine that I'll bring back to Dad everytime. Strangely, it is not available at the place I live, though I suppose that it is selling in bigger cities like Tokyo. I get it from the duty-free shop at Singapore's Changi Airport.

It is produced by the same company, but the products selling at DFS are presented at a finer range. Classic wine at 12 years of age, different concoction with herb or black sugar. My favourite is this version with royal honey.

Richly colored in gold, and sealed with a refined aftertaste, this smooth Japanese wine is the favourite at my home in Japan and Singapore. Available at a very comfortable price, it is a purchase of no mistake especially for starters. Do try it if you're wondering what to buy for your next purchase, you may fall in love with it for a lifetime. ;)


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

Wow I just adore this stunning bottle . For me it could be such a precious gift to receive!
You Dad will be really happy about it!
hundreds of kisses and hugs honey
Always together :-)

Kate / Kajal said...

gr8 , now i'll surly have something specific to look for when i'm at Changi airport ! I usually just hit the chocolate shops.
About the vit E thing .... i've learnt by my own trial and error that nothing works better than a vitamin e capsule. Just cut it open and use that extremely thick and sticky oil over the scars and they vanish.
And the best part is i can always manage to find Vit E caps anywhere.
Right now i'm stuck in Africa, so i would'nt have been able to run to Watsons anyways ... hehe :)
But Thanks so much, for your concern, good wishes, and all the effort .... when i get there i'll buy em and keep it in stock !

bp said...

I'm making a mental note of this... to try it out when I can! Thanks for sharing =)

nessie said...

u know i cnt taste alcoholic driks..so issit sour since there's plum in it?

Seen This Scene That said...

looks like liquid gold will be the next birthday party drink for my family. thanks for the recommendation.

Mary said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I have just been enjoying a few of your past posts. Your pictures are VERY beautiful! I look forward to reading more...

umekotyan said...



from loved ume tyan

Stardust said...

Silvia, haha, I'm sure that Dad is always pleased.

Kate, I'm really relieved to hear that you're healing well. =) I'm thinking of rearing aloe vera at home too.

BP, yeah yeah! It's quite a treat and easy to drink.

Nessie, it is sour with plum, but richly sweet too. A good blending between the two.

Seen This Scene That, you're most welcomed. =)

Hi Mary, thank you for dropping by, your pictures are far more beautiful!

梅子ちゃん、梅酒の作り方を教えてくれて、ありがとうございます。 やって見たいと思ったことがありますが、やっぱりやめました。。。恥ずかしいですが、面倒くさいのをなるべく避けていますので。。。=P