29 October 2010


eart from a pumpkin!


And furtive felines that come and go like nobody's business, marking territority and leaving deposits. Beautiful creatures they sure are... But I've finally arrived at a big conclusion : I'm definitely a dog person.


First, I don't know what it is about cats, or me, they actually CHASE after me!! After having witnessed how I ran for my life a couple of times, Bear would cover me from any cat seemingly menacing. Not all of them nasty I would say, like the fella above. It rolled on its back and showing belly for a good few minutes even though I shooed and begged it to go away. Sighs. And I managed to find out from the internet that showing belly is a sign of trust. Big sighs. What's more, the fella actually followed me home and missed the door by half a meter. Sweat!

For years Bear has been asking if I want a dog for pet, as he often worries about me being lonely. Really, I don't want to get a dog just to get even with some cats. A puppy is to be taken seriously for a good amount of its lifetime.


Anyone with sound solutions of warding off cats? I've tried cat repellants but they're still coming back. Boo hoo hoo...

Lastly, BOO. Enjoy Halloween there.

25 October 2010

The Anniversary

Yesterday 6 years ago was when we had our wedding in Japan. Yup, our second wedding.

We had a wonderful celebration at an exquisite restaurant. It wasn't the fine dining, classy ambience and thoughtful service, but the endearing company of my partner that made the night complete. He still thanks me, appreciates me, finishes up what I wouldn't eat and gladly gives up his share of what I shouldn't have difficulty consuming.

I don't take him for granted, especially after seeing another guy totally engrossed in his papers while his lady kept her gaze on the night garden.

It's ok we didn't make it to any place fascinating. Happiness has never been nearer next to the one you love. :)

21 October 2010


To cope with an economic health that's been ailing for the past 20 years, one of the tactics used by Japan's companies is to engage workers on a contract basis. That way, workers can be assessed periodically and conveniently dismissed; without coughing out a remuneration.


Bear has been getting along incredibly well with colleague M san ( san : Japanese expression for 'Mr/Mrs/Ms' ) since years ago, mostly because our families have been searching for a piece of land to settle in. The peas and carrots share a vein in their work, interest, and dreams. They lunch talking mouthfuls, I know; cos that's how Bear cutely shares the tales from M san during dinner.

By sheer serendipity, our families found our own place with an interval of a month apart!
So M san and Bear partnered like never before for their 'my-home-adventure'. Our families split on the venues for look-see and scheduled our weekends for 'homework'. Spied on each other's progress from foundation to rooftop, which brew more joyous jabbers. It felt like 2 homes have bonded, for the largest project in our lifetime. From housing to furnishing to landscaping, we had our forces combined.

Seriously. This kind of affinity hardly comes twice you know, as long as living in an aloof community is concerned. We're blessed with M san's family whom we have so much in common. Much, apart from the fact that M san's service in the company is on a contract basis.

And I know it sounds dramatic, but the thunderbolt had to strike 6 weeks ago. M san's service is complied by mid October with an extension unrequired. He leaves confronting the harsh realities. Minors apart, a tough employment and a substantial houseloan. At worst, M san may have to resort to work at a foreign prefecture and only gets to return home on weekends. Or even for a weekend in the entire month. Or even work abroad.

Words aren't capable of describing it... we really feel for M san.

He left the office officially yesterday bidding goodbye. Still feels proud having served the company, and regrets that he has to be send away packing up all the know-hows. I just know how much he wishes to apply them in the company for good. The saddest words he parted with Bear is, 'If you don't see our cars at the porch anymore, that's when you know our home is relinquished.'

Time to time, the unceasing grouses I couldn't respond to get me. 'Darn that company that retrenched me, it can fold up for good ( the person is compensated ). This place doesn't deserve me with the peanuts it's paying. I hate serving idiots. I work with a bunch of morons. Miserably short holidays, and no leeway. I should BE promoted. Where's my fatter pay, bigger car, dearer bag? Is that all for bonus? Bills, bills, bills, I need a new party dress next month! '

Everybody is heading on something. How large exactly is yours?

These bad times we're living, we may not be leading one of those glamorous lifestyles, still it's a lot to give thanks for... Praying for M san's future endeavours, and plenty of blessings to come his way. His house stays, and he gets to return home after work; everyday - I boldy pray.

Bear must miss him so. He better gets used to lunching alone, or getting along with phony people. I will surely miss Bear's noisy chatter at the dining table too.

Thankful for my lot. Immensely. For good health, and everything else.

19 October 2010

But Autumn is beautiful

Autumn is locking into place, as we wake up with each colder morning. Am dehydrating fast like the crispy leaves
, hear me crunch. Ouch.

But Autumn is beautiful.


Feed on : scrumptious apples, creamy pumpkins, and tummies-warming hot pots.

Put on : barret, flattering coat. Leggings in booties and I'm ready to go.


Look on : maturing hues in red, brown and gold, while the chill is still marginally bearable.

Look my way lady, don't be shy.

I'm th

Just thankful for the colors that sustain a dangerously prosaic mind, even if it's by strands.
Seasons are harder to live with, but too pretty to get on without.

Gotta go. These hands are screaming for cream.

Thank you for today


Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord's will is. Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit. Speak to one another with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:15-20


15 October 2010


dreamt of my youngest brother last night. He was that little boy who would never stop teasing me, tailing my behind, and clinging onto my thigh like one would hug a tree trunk. So cute.

The kid had such a huge bag of funny bones to tickle. Every new move I made he would laugh and quiver like jelly, like this baby in the video.

My 20 year old laughing pie has flown to Australia this morning to lend some military support for 3 weeks.

I'll be missing his voice till he's back. Meanwhile, I shan't forget to laugh like he always wants me to. :) God bless the child and bring him home safe.

13 October 2010

We love DIY!!

he garden's landscaping is officially completed last Friday, YAY, except for the outrageously good looking guys aren't coming anymore unless their service is required. =P

Anyway, the completion is perfectly timed before a long weekend. So we seized the period to finalise some touchups in DIY style!

First, we borrowed a truck for transporting some weighty hardware! We laughed and joked so much along the bumpy ride, it's definitely my first and most memorable experience on a mini truck. =D


Then, we spent hours partitioning the vegetation plot from the lawn. Love the wavy design of the blocks!


Watering the lawn diligently and applying weight so that they'll get rooted nicely.


Planting Violas around the symbol tree. They are one of my favourite colours.


Acquiring discounted bulbs!


There's very little left to DIY though. Well, at least the rest is up to us now. ;)

Let's see if I can make a bird-waterer with clay, next Spring.

06 October 2010

Happy Birthday!


ost if not all of my closest friends know how much I adore dad.

I ditched every guy whom dad said 'no'. If dad is a brand, I'll wear him from head to toe. I'm that favourite child though obviously he has another 2, none of us vie for his affection. It's sad how disciplinarians are sometimes misunderstood, dad's stern correction sends vibes of love to my inner soul. His values I fasten dearly to, his approving smile rockets me to the moon. The inspiration of a guy I should spend my life with - Love me, love my dad.

Every atom in me sings 'I'm dad's baby!!'.

We may be miles apart, but this heart always skips back to him. To the sweetest, greatest, bestest man in my life : Happy birthday DAD!

Star, Daddy's girl.

05 October 2010

When it looked like the sun wasn’t gonna shine anymore

Down poured an autumn shower yesterday, like it had to rain a volume for the entire season. I was happy for the trees planted at home, but then again sad; for rain would mean quite another to others.

Lately, some of our dearest aren't having the best gait of their lives.

こんな大雨で、奥さんはどうやって病院へ行くかな。。。 先生が又寂しい一日過ごすんでしょう。。 雨さえ降らなければな。。。 

As I battled with the raining questions that challenge to drench what's already a sadly-soaked faith, the Sunday message kept reliving in my head.

Remain in Me. Trust Me.

I fell from a trance to a sleep after watching the rain for some time, only to wake up with a startle. Do you have childhood memories of waking up in the middle of a nightmare? You couldn't recall what the dream was but fear was capable of haunting you by transiting dimensions? I rushed for the door as I needed air badly. And there outside the rain has stopped, the air was cool, sky was clearing up, but my heart was that of a helpless childlike state.

Remain in Me. Trust Me. How?

I noticed an aunt passing by, watching me. In order not to confuse her with my perhaps uncollected countenance I pretended to study the maple tree. But she hanged around, so I faced her eventually... 'Let me show you something good' she said and made her point.

If you look carefully, it's a double.


While Christians have this biblical understanding about rainbow, my believing years have sort of got it reformulated. Like a private covenant between God and myself, it's an reassurance,
a sign that He understands. And God's control ensues, there's nothing I need to see to or hold on to so badly. I can't anyway.

When it looked like the sun wasn’t gonna shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the clouds.

This is how my faith has got me going on through the years. It's tailored for me. 'Remain in Me, trust Me' my Tailor says.

01 October 2010

Rising on our feet


ince the landscaping project commenced, curious passerbys have been slowing down their pace to observe the facelift.
Which is quite an amusing sight to watch behind the curtains, as Japs are generally reserved people who maintain a poised impression at all times.


I wish there is a back door for me to slip out and join the onlookers. These days, I've been thinning my presence as much as possible so as not to lay any pressure on the workers. Imagine me stealing glances when I offer them drinks. The only time I get to watch openly is when the workers have called it a day. Bad Bear just laughs at me acting mousey.


Greeted the symbol tree this morning, which was the first to rise yesterday! We've picked a Japanese snowbell ( エゴノキ ), also known as Pink chimes. Can't wait to see it bloom in Spring! >.<


Time that I rise on my toes too, after having injured my foot since last Autumn. Half of the foot still feels dislocated at bad times, how comfy is that you think? But I reckon I've rested enough since the fella isn't bruising... And my heart skips at the thought of putting on my ballet shoes again in a fortnight! ;)