27 August 2009

Goodbye Coco

Coco is our pet at home. A tiny fish barely 1.5cm residing in a miniature tank.

Just a couple of days ago, I noticed a heart at the center of its home.


After cleaning the tank, I left the pebble where it was, for Coco. Happy I was with the find, but little did I forsee a tragedy coming.


Coco leapt out of its tank yesterday, we discovered it on the table at night. My fault, I failed to put the cap on for its tank. =*( Sigh... It was a sad mistake, but a point taken for good.

In a way, I'm glad that the heart-shaped pebble caught my eye. At least, I got to take some last pictures of Coco
Goodbye Coco, you've been loved.

21 August 2009

Good to have a Merlion come perhaps...

Wish me luck! I'm doing a presentation on Singapore in church this Sunday!! =P

Pretty nervous. I wonder how much do the folks here know about my dear little red dot. Bear was totally confounded when our serving company arranged for his expatriate life in Singapore 11 years ago. ' Where on earth is Singapore? ' was apparently the first question he threw.

Don't be surprised. Many Japanese do actually presume that Singapore is an unnoticeable nation at rear end. Zzzz...
Oh well... Come see this funny commercial that promotes Singapore tourism in Japan! =D

These Summer days have been incredibly comfortable and breezy, otherwise I would be tempted to have a Merlion summoned my place. Hey, good to have a Merlion equipped for a memorable presentation perhaps. =P Nice weekend!

19 August 2009

Up, up and away...

Japan has resumed from the odds of the Obon holiday : awful congestations and sweaty hordes!! We actually stayed within the prefecture to avoid frustration, and gladly embraced the break that came timely. =)

With the majority flocking out of town, this place is perfect for leisure shopping, gourmet experience and light travelling. Nicest of them all, Bear put us on a hot air balloon. =D


It was our first time on this carrier that flies!


Huge, plumply round and invitingly colorful, they made me forget everything! My boldness got the better of me, I opted for the fella that is arranged to rise higher and ooops... my knees started giving me away before the flight is halved at 15th storey!


It all began when you realize that you're peeping out from a weaved basket, and the cute balloon just never stopped elevating! 6 of us passengers and pilot, put our faith in a basket and a balloon, how's that?

Anyway, the pilot's advice to look up and far, helped. I bet the balls of fire expelled from the burner eased many cold feet too. =P By the peak at 30th storey, fear left me and I was happily admiring surroundings. =) Here you go, a sleazy panorama of a quiet countryside.






Knowing that many have been disappointed due to climate jitters, we're totally thankful for the great weather that enabled this event! This is by far, the best experience of the year. =D

Ask me if I'll try again given the chance. Absolutely. ;) But I'll still need the Bear's paw to make myself comfortable. =P




Honey, hold me close!

13 August 2009

Hot holiday

It's 130% Summer here, I tell you! (@@)

I must have sounded disrespectful with a somewhat ' rainy and cool Summer ' in the previous post, and now Lord Heat is punishing me! =P

Ok... see this little ornament on the right, with 2 goldfishes? ( Yes, think goldfish, inspired by olden Japanese game, 金魚すくい ) Simply looovvveee such decorations the Japs prepare for their lifestyle throughout the year. They're cheap, cute, very Jappy and the profit of this purchase goes to some welfare organization. =)

And I'm conferring it to my prized pot, Rowndy. For its blooms have sustained for more than 2 months. ;)


We're in the midst of the Obon holiday actually, hopefully the heat subsides a little when we're having fun outside. Another fine aspect about living in Japan : lotsa holidays! ;)

11 August 2009

Bits & pieces

Been away for a while...

Bear has assigned me stuff to see to. Much concentration needed but I simply loooveee proving my competency. ;) I'm not just solely good in household matters, you know?!? =P By God's awesome grace, everything's in place and progressing great! =)

A little odd Summer we're having here however. There's been constant downpours, raging typhoos and a loud earthquake that shook us from bed at 5 plus this morning!

Too much pitter patter doesn't sound good actually, for it renders the harvest pretty bad this year. Landslide has been occuring across the country, taking several lives too. And though this place is well shielded thanks to geographical merits, we genuinely hope that the climate doesn't cross beyond what's already bad.

May many gets to see positivity, like a streak of colors across the gloomy sky! We catch rainbows quite often recently, sometimes even seeing double, like the one in the picture below. =D


Caught the second band above?



A guest has been helping itself at my pots. It ascends to my herbs pot at the balcony by night, and decends to the porch by daytime, very much making itself at home. =P

Huge guts for a tiny guy my-thumb-sized. Bear says that it's obviously happy staying with us. =D


Here at our wonderfully green suburb, sunflowers are overlooking everywhere on behalf of Mr. Sun. Car rides are wonderfully pleasant along the sunflowers-pitched-roads, truly exclusively Summer. =)


Then on alternate nights, hour-long fireworks are all ours to marvel by the windows at home. And though much has been hindering us from taking taking a decent break for long, such little bits and pieces are spicing up days of an evanescent Summer.