18 July 2013


It's like suddenly, more than half a year has gone by.

I can't finish telling how much 2013 has been good to us, probably explains why it feels this fast.

And suddenly the little one has turned 2 about a month ago.  I made him a cake for the first time and I'm so glad that I did.  I gladly make his cakes my lifetime actually.  

We can't help feeling how quickly his first year has gone by.

He made his first stand while the tv was playing the 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, my baby looked like a proud medalist then.

Suddenly, he was taking baby steps, next he started running, and kept coming up with new surprises every other day.  It was pure joy watching him grow.

For the longest time the cub babbled a storm all day long but would never spout a single perceptible word, I kept blaming myself for it. Then one day he made me cry when he read letters 'T' to 'Z'.  From then on the floodgates crashed, he mastered the alphabet, numbers in 2 languages, basics like colors and shapes.  Now he's popping words I never knew he would know. I like it that I still get to enjoy his cutest babbles, it's funny watching him calling most living things 'wan wan' ( 'puppy' in Japanese ).  Even a caterpillar is 'wan wan'.

The cub is growing so fast, and everyday I'm like looking for the slightest resemblance to his infant days.  It's even getting awkward calling him 'baby'. 

As much as I've hoped to blog about him more diligently, I guess I'll keep the blog true to the present lifestyle we're having.  I'm dedicating almost my entire time to him every day, but hey, it makes me happy. :) 

If you're one worried mom who stumbles into this blog, you're not alone with a child with speech delay.  My boy has only started talking at his 21st month, now he's reading his books in chunks and fragments.  Boys tend to talk later than girls like most said, but they'll catch up.  Most of all, when you feel like losing it when every other child is talking except yours, take deep breaths.  Your wait takes a little longer, but you'll get there.   Albert Einstein didn't start talking until he was five.  If you think you need professional help, do so.  But most of all, keep the candle burning for your child.