29 February 2012


I want to have this blogged before February ends. :)

My cub called me 'mama' yesterday!

Actually, he started babbling 'mamamama~ma' on the 9th, 2 days after I've taught him 'mama', but I couldn't take him seriously then.

When he went 'mama!' in my face last evening my heart skipped a beat. My hands stopped all work, it felt like I've heard the word for the first time in my life. Then he went 'baba~'

If I'm not imagining things, he could be asking for his papa because he wasn't home yet.

Gotta go check the cub now. Time to nurse. :)

14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I have someone new to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. He is definitely the most special guy whom I celebrate the day with from this year forth, until he meets someone meant for him...

By then, will I be able to let go? Ohh...

Let me worry about that many years later and focus on that guy I'm married with.

That guy who is showing signs of early dementia and keeps repeating silly mistakes which I am absolutely incapable of covering anymore. Taking care of a baby can't be harder than looking after a spoilt grown up!

When have I started to talk like that? This could be the first time I'm airing dirty laundry here. I don't remember we've ever fought serious in our 7 years. But now it feels like the pent up frustration just blew off all at once.

But look at him now. All curled up on the sofa and with sad puppy eyes. I haven't greeted him 'Happy Valentine's Day' today. Of course, no special homemade dinner, gift or surprise prepared. Nuthing.

Maybe it's time to make up. This is all for Valentine's Day 2012. I hope everyone else is having it sweet. :)