22 April 2012

First Spring

It's Spring.  A brand new season in my life.  I haven't known what bliss is until I get to welcome Spring with my boy this year.  It's his first Spring, likewise mine, there my heart a million blooms.  I'm blessed, so blessed to tears.


We could have put Winter behind trouble-free, until a week ago, both of us came down with a virus caught during the 9th month health examination, now how very helpful is that.  All at once the boy had his several firsts, a fever coupled with running faucet, vomit and awful slumber.  Seriously, I haven't been scared like this time for as long as I remember.  I wish I could take his place though I was suffering the symptoms no lighter.

Well at least the cub could still smile and play!!

But I didn't forget the morning he woke up burrowing into my bosom, sulking. Daddy replaced me the night before as I was too sick to attend to him, which probably explained his insecurity.  Your knees will go weak at those large pitiful pleading eyes, ohh...

I guess it's a few days more before the discomfort subsides, and we'll come back stronger, happier.  God is good.  We could have been sick during the colder season which take longer to recover, ya know.

We slipped off for some fresh air today nevertheless.  The cub was in an adventurous mood, and in his usual flirtatious self.  The latter I don't know where he got from.