30 April 2011


Bless the Royal Wedding! I loooove every single second of the fairy-tale-turned-real-deal!!

Kate was a stunning knockout! The couple seems deeply in love, every part of the wedding so tastefully done, that some twisted cynic may secretly wipe off a happy tear for them.

When Bear slipped an invisible ring on me to mimic Prince William at that holy moment, I could have my arms thrown around him but this weight had to hinder me from inching further.

For a second, the enchanting couple makes one forget about what lies behind the sensational nuptial : the reality of marriage. Hair-tearing issues aside, sometimes you just wish that minors like dinner can wait after the kiss at the balcony. But it's ok... for the multitude of bliss covers it all. :)

By God's grace, we'll be married for 7 thankful years tomorrow. To Him who doesn't refrain good things from His children, we're asking that God bestows us with more than all we ask and imagine.

To Kate & William, and every couple out there whose union is no less sacred in God's eyes, He blesses your marriage too I pray.

28 April 2011

At 31 weeks

up, the fella is 31 weeks today and we're in the last lap ( 3rd trimester ) since week 28!

Here's my 1545grams darling looking our way at 30th week. It's the first time we caught his features frontal! Aww...those cheeks melt me! :D


The gynae is often amused and would give the same comment everytime with a chuckle :
1. Baby moves a lot ( and gynae would start fumbling the scanner across tummy )
2. Long legs.

Now how would the mommy not know. Breadcrumbs is enjoying play gym in womb.inc while subscribing membership with painful kicks since week 28. He shakes this globe in front of me so much, as if I would forget he's there!

While having Breadcrumbs baking in the oven, we're busy tying loose ends to make the baby-goods list complete. Needless to say, Bear dotes on the cub like crazy.

But merchandise isn't everything in the world you know, and I hope that Bear picks up the other everything before time cos he's the only help I'm having.

Anyway, the baby room is almost furnished to receive the cub. Complying Bear's theory, everything is themed 'bear' so as to make Breadcrumbs feel comfy at home.


Breadcrumbs' uncle D helped do up the crib before he returned to Singapore in March.



As you can tell, we're forgoing co-sleep with the fella, which is not a common practise in Japanese families. It isn't often that the traditional Bear gives in to modern ideas, and I'm glad that his approaches have been very encouraging so far. :) [ Just one, he really needs to lend his hands more. ]

It's a pleasure popping into the baby room every morning to let in the sunshine. I always find myself smiling. :)

26 April 2011

April free and easy

pril is a busy month for most Japanese for it's when a new fiscal year begins.
As Bear channels his spring-like vitality in the office and burns Sats, April is mine free and easy. I'm literally taking time to have home spring-cleaned, so that I'll have less to battle later. Being focused on what's within, I've lost sight of what's without until Bear reminds me how the greenery is getting exciting. Oh yes, and pictures demanded as the guy doesn't get to appreciate the blooms slow.

A tree(檀香梅)at home is done with flowering. Another 2 coming up in late Spring. :)


The welcoming Narcissus are blooming along the walkway.


Tulips are budding, picture taken on a misty morning.


I'm rewarding myself to sweet treats available only in Spring. Bear has his share too after working overtime.


My place is accessible to every neighbourhood facility by foot so I have a 101 chance for slow walks.


Slow walks in April would mean admiring sakura up close or have the trees towering tall over me.



About this slow walk thing I'm having, it has the effect of rocking Breadcrumbs to sleep. So is it good or bad you think? I thought it's time I start some excercise. But what if the fella wouldn't sleep without me walking him in future? :/

15 April 2011

Getting up

Since the 11th March tsunami, it has been difficult to do anything like it's just any other day when your neighbours are mourning. So this heavy heart stayed away for a while.

I'm sure many of us are thinking of Japan. Please know how much the Japanese appreciate every single help and thoughts extended, they are tremendously encouraged.

Like how the local media put it well, it's time the rest of us pick up ourselves so that we can help those who are in desperate need. It's Spring time, and many have hopes that the nation will make a comeback with a spring-like vitality.

だから、頑張れ! 日本。 ( So, hang in there and move forth! Japan. )



Over the past weeks, many friends have been worried by the appalling news and asked for my return to Singapore.

You see, I didn't marry Bear so that I could live in Japan. Neither am I leaving Bear when Japan is in trouble.

So I'm staying. Japan is home, no longer a place I find myself living in just because I'm married overseas. And to realise what's been resolved unconciously in my heart at this fairly precarious time, an unexplainable happiness oozes from within. I guess I owe it to too many Japanese who have been nice to me, and that silly Bear who loves me deeply.

And together with Breadcrumbs, we want to be those who stay around. We'll be fine. God will surely take care of us. So thanks for the love and concern.

Well, 春は戻ってくるの。 For Spring shall surely return.

We had our names inscribed on this wooden coaster a few days ago when we were off to watch the plum blossoms. It's quite an art piece huh?

14 April 2011

It's here...


Spring is late this year, for like 2 weeks? But it's better than never.