24 December 2011

Home for Christmas


reetings! From Japan.

We actually flew back home a week ago, for reasons better forgotten, but our bags packed with toys and hearts full of joy. We're reunited with papa for this very special year end, our first Christmas, and first New Year together.

So all is good, and God is good for bringing us back so that we could celebrate the little guy who is another 6 months to a year old!

The cub was the apple of so many eyes then... my family, friends and even strangers. I was a proud mama throughout my stay in Singapore, my trophy, medal and prize lie in him. I've probably finally understood why people love to have kids?

At 5 months, the playful one was rolling over like a pro. I knew it, he looooves attention and is a big show off. He teased my family so much that everybody hurried home to catch their superstar. My brother must forgive me for posting this, know how much the cub liked it high on his uncle's shoulders. They are just too cute together!

I was most touched when my outrageously playful one was good throughout both flights, and even having passengers who couldn't resist him coming over to play. My eyes warmed when an Irish old lady praised and blessed him, these very warm-hearted people were too kind to an almost crippled mom struggling with a infant on the 7 hours flight.

I know you feel me when I say I'm thanking God for keeping the good spirits in my boy throughout those hours. :)


Someone may be right about me thinking too much for my little one is constantly in a good mood. True, but Mr. Sunshine has his Achilles' heel too. See what I mean.




And he means it.

Now into 6 months, I think I'm going grey if he's not going to love his semi-solids soon. HE~LP!!


It's Christmas tomorrow, the birthday of our Savior, who came just as helpless as any babe in the world. As I carressed my little one and ponder upon the many miracles and blessings in my life... who am I, to have Him come and give... I can't really put into words, but the story of Nativity just touches me anew, again.

Blessed Christmas everyone, wherever you are, know that His blessings have never left you. May the beautiful spirit of Christmas fills your heart and home.

14 December 2011

How many days...

To Christmas did you say?? I've been so dazed with so much late happenings that I'm missing all the fun of my favorite day.


A surgery is carried out successfully on my left wrist 4 weeks ago, and now the fella has forgotten how to rotate, bend or twist freely. It is recovering little by little, but surely, and a complete healing is just a matter of time. It's been so long that I'm able to carry my baby with ease again. :)

We're extending our stay in Singapore until February of the brand new year. I do have some concerns though cos my family members simply dote on my little one too much, I can't imagine returning Japan with a spoilt brat. :(


I know, I know. They can't help themselves. Even strangers love him.

Well, I guess it'll be good to siam ( Singapore slang ; avoid ) winter for a wee bit.

I'm not forgetting everyone who have cared about my condition. All the concern, emails, and follow-ups, thank you so much! Things were hard for quite a while, but kind people like you have made days bearable.