14 July 2008

Spherical Beauties

Where I sit, I'm hearing Cicadas trumpeting the arrival of Summer.


Just a week ago, I took the liberty to announce Summer cos it was simply hot, Hot, HOT! We're probably in the transition period between monsoon and Summer, but everytime the rain stops, I feel myself cooking inside a steam basket.

The impending heat has soon roasted my flowers at the porch, and many others are not spared.


These adorable Allium ' Lucy Ball ' were standing before homes some weeks ago, but here no more.

Clustered in rich violet, they're too eye-catching not to notice. I always walked intentedly slow along houses that grew them, eye-wide in wonder, because...

They are this HUGE!


I couldn't capture those owned by private homes, but we're fortunate to find them at other locations. Here, they stood in abundance like wildflowers.


These flowers are actually grown from bulbs belonging to the onion family, which probably explains the scent in the air. Strangely, I was convinced that I smelt provoking pineapples, while Bear could not figure out what it was. Some of these stood slightly shorter than me before my nose, seemingly saying ' smell me '. I couldn't as I was too amused. Don't they look like a crowd with Dads, Moms, and kids? I had to gently push them apart in order to make my way in, without not saying ' excuse me ' at the same time. These fellas looked like cute clumsy heads nodding as they swayed in the wind. =D

Bear spotted this Mickey-look-alike, with 3 balls in union.

Let's play a game, find ' Mickey ' in the picture below!


Cousins of Lucy Balls, these spherical beauties too are grown from onions.


This picture shows the evident roots. Indeed, they are grown from onions, smell like onions, round like onions, true to characteristics of onions. =P

These are a little different though, as they are cultivated in sheltered environment with heavy attention. Their size fit in nicely within my palms, and attract a great deal of busy bees. Just as we wonder why the unusual number of bees, we found bee boxes nearby. So these flowers are grown especially for making of honey! Yum!

Now, these rounded heads are begining to look like pretty honeyed-lollies to me. Ha!


Kind words are like honey - sweet to the soul and healthy to the body. Proverbs 16:24

Lord, help me to remember that I should always speak kindly and bring sweetness to those around me. =)


And so, I hope that your week is smooth and sweet like honey of gold. Have a blessed week ahead! =)


nessie said...

darlz..i love this purple flower!! if i have a garden i wanna grow them in it!


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

thanks hun for these great photos and your sweet thoughts! your a special person blessed from God.
A lot of kisses dear

Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

OH MY! These are totally awesome... like great big squishy balls of purple delight! Wow... impressive photographs... you are so talented, if I could only see these in real life, they would be extra special but I'm so glad you were able to bring them here!
So pretty...
Thanks for your kind comments and I'm sorry I don't get around more often, I am so busy with the job, and what little time I have, I spend it with hubby and also I take time to rest as much as I can.
Hugs and kisses.
I hope your spirit is high and you are still on the right path of life...
Know that I love ya so much, k?

bp said...

We have tried growing alliums, twice so far, from store-bought bulbs, but each time, they don't grow to such nice big sizes like these ones you've captured in their full bloom! How pretty they are!

And the Mickey Mouse, etc... I like how you and Bear have your eyes peeled for such special features, that you see only when you look out of the box =)

Keep your beautiful pictures coming, and you have a great week now, Stardust!

Piggy said...

I've seen this flower from another blog but I didn't expect that it's so huge. Such pretty flowers!

didally said...

Very beautiful alliums!! I especially like the purple ones. So lovely really on the green wide patch of grass.

Stardust said...

Nessie, nah!

Silvia and Michele, thanks for dropping by despite being busy. God bless.

Hey BP, so you've grown Alliums as well? Yes, here, they are grown from bulbs too. My FIL grew them.

Piggy and Didally, glad you like the flower.

Ladybird said...

wow..i haven't seen this round purple flowers before..so sweet!