21 October 2009

Gifts, and an award

I'm receiving good stuff these days. =P


We're presented with this set of outrageously expensive Japanese lacquerware (漆), produced by a store of great heritage located in Kyoto.

Now, just how pricey is Japanese lacquerware? Bear holds a plain pair of Japanese lacquerware chopsticks at 3500yen, which is about USD38.5. One gets a reasonably fine pair of ordinary chopsticks at 1000yen, or USD11.


I've always had this penchant for fine arts. Lost myself in the lustre of the plates when I first laid eyes on them. I love the delicate Japanese essence in the strokes of gold and more, though I could never figure out how the craftsman managed to paint every plate precisely alike, just unbelieveably identical!

Seriously, there are reasons to think that it's all so wrong for me to own the set, while it should have gone to some authentic Japanese who appreciate the art more. Heheheheh.


Anyway, cheapo me is definitely more comfortable with these 2 pots of indoor planties. These gifts brighten up the space and makes the air clean! =D

Last but not least, and most thankful!! Drums rolling... The blog has received an award!

From Feronia, at In a yellow wood. While you don't find a strand of creativity here, it's all there at her site, so I'm passing this award to Feronia for first!

Then, Sharilyn at It's a Heart Rock Life. For what good eyes she has! She finds 'heart' at the most impossible places. Sometimes, it's like she said, a very 'God' thing.

J.H., at Gift from Heaven, for her knack at presenting her pictures, and her enthusiasm behind the new site at Free Christian Wallpaper.

All smiles? Don't just stop there, pass it on. =)


Feronia said...

You're very deserving of the award, Stardust! Your blog is beautiful. And the lacquerware from Kyoto...gorgeous. So many beautiful handicrafts in Kyoto.

stay-at-home mum said...

Those lacquerware are really beautiful!! I always enjoyed looking at them in the shops when i am on holiday in Japan, but have never bought any coz they are just too expensive. You are really lucky!!

Antarman said...

Congrats on your award! Wish you many more!

J.H said...

Those lacquerware is beautiful, I bet must be individually handpainted!

And thank you for passing on the award. I think you well deserve it, I'll find loads of things more than just creativity here! I found beautiful refreshing pictures, lovely stories, and best of all... I find a friendship for eternity!