23 February 2011

Something's gotta give

So we said 'bye' for the time being.. My college buddies are finished with their studies and starting work in April, while I'm advancing in size. We're so used to hanging out in the warmer seasons, but things will have to make way for much transition this year. Gotta miss them.

Then a pet shop called to inform that the Bichon Frise I've inquired about is available! Several weeks before Breadcrumbs landed up in my womb, we've been looking places for a Bichon puppy but to no avail then.

Do you have any idea how cuuuuute Bichon Frise is?? I simply musn't go see the puppy now or I'll be sold.

Something's gotta give, our carefree lifestyle will be expired soon and I want to be responsible. Sometimes I'm wondering what could be next. But I'm hoping that there'll come a day we'll have a Bichon running about happily.

20 February 2011

At 21 weeks

ating better and moving swifter, I'm totally thankful that the morning sickness doesn't stay around to see me through. Really feel for those preggos who'd have to endure the thing throughout, God please bless the mothers!!

Since when I started loving anything smooth and creamy : ice-cream, custard, cheese, Japanese curry... yum. And even meats, eggs, things that weren't in my idea of food chain.
Bear sometimes watched with disbelief, 'You're sure you really like that?' It's amazing how a 21 weeks old at 358 grams is capable of reforming some 35 years of stinking fussy appetite. :P

While waiting to meet the gynae yesterday, Breadcrumbs was busy thumping away to my crazy throbbing. I was both excited about seeing my luv, and nervous about the gender thing, argh I think the whole room could hear my heartbeat.

And I'm not sure if we were kept waiting too long, it was the first time I saw the fella having a break instead of the regular gymnastics. 'Everything's great. ' said doc, 'Let's find out the gender!'


There is this cross stitch project I started on when I found out I'm pregnant. It's a motif having a baby asleep in a cot that should be sewed in the dominating color. And since Breadcrumbs had the family jewels baring out like that, doc revealed that I should go ahead and have the cot sewed in baby blue.

We were a little... stupefied. But it didn't last long when Breadcrumbs awoke with his hungry protests, so the family rushed off for a day of celebration and intent shopping!

17 February 2011

Whenever the season

ur place is finally having more snow, at a volume just nice for snowman and needless to shovel. Yes, this I'm very grateful for. :)



Then yesterday we had warmth like Springtime. I guess a transition is coming about when sun and snow are taking turns like that.
Hang on there poor little birdies.

Can't help but feel that the days are really moving fast, and as they add on, changes are making their way with some I may not like them - like another dear friend who has to move away. But it's all good, it's for the entire good...

God is good, whenever the season. I want to grow more amenable with time, and raise a childlike faith. Cherish, whatever the season.

Shaved ice, nature made. Anyone?

14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I know of people who totally disregard Valentine's Day with a pragmatic maturity, which I totally respect. And of course I'm surrounded by love birds who'd not let the day pass less special.

Unbashfully, I come from the second lot. Well, that is for now.

Anyhow I see it, I don't see us celebrating Valentine's Day like we did for many years coming. So I offered a slow meal with my partner, while wishing there's a way to thank Bear enough. I hope he doesn't forget how once I was a romancist, and thought of him really special, precious. He still is, always is.

The food wasn't exceptional, but I hope he remembers my loving is.




I had hearts in my soup that day you know.


And here you go, the mosiac for 2011. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. :)


13 February 2011

Diamond dust

oke up to an overcast Saturday morning after a heavy overnight snow. Had the blinds drawn when Mr. Sun started peering through and gave the white mass a grand sparkle. Then it happened, when the skies started clearing up...

Diamond dust. Bear taught that the phenomenon takes several prerequisites to happen, so you've got to be really lucky to catch one. Like my first encounter 5 years ago, the glamor yesterday lasted for a good half an hour. The garden looked as if dusted with shimmering diamonds descending from the air, just... magical. And we looked on, awed by the Maker of all things magnificient.

Oh, the shot isn't mine.

09 February 2011


here's this undescribable lightness under my feet these days.

*I feel bliss
with every wisp of flutter Breadcrumbs makes day and night. Ah yes, before and after meals, and the fella being most active in the afternoon, like this moment. :) On weekend mornings, still in bed, it's amusing how Breadcrumbs gives me some strongest nudges as if to press for breakfast.

*I have a lot to thank the cold for. Not only I'm recovering, I've discovered that I no longer need the meds that curb nausea. Recovering agility and vigility, I guess the morning sickness is finally over.

*Yays when my closest friend in Japan has decided to reside in this country permanently! Not for my sake alright, but we just can't stand losing the other oar!

*We're finally gathering goods listed on that intimidating sheet - stuff for newborn. Imagination ran wild when the baby carrier was here this morning. I think I've forgotten how babies weigh, smell, play and cry like, how babies are really like.

*Before finding out how the newborn is like, I shall enjoy the sweet company of my baby brother coming my place in 2 weeks' time. What reassurance to have him around, my personal laughing pie. And his strong arms can sure help me a lot. Heheh.

I'm having myself back, getting better grasp of things and behold, Spring is moving closer. I can't think of a reason not feeling happy.

But I think I need a nap now. Ok, the sleepy thing still hangs around.

02 February 2011

Do the hop!


It's the eve of the Chinese New Year! Here's wishing every Chinese a bouncy good year, good health, happiness and prosperity!