31 October 2008

End of October


How is Halloween like at your place? I guess Asians hardly make that BOO during Halloween? Nothing exciting here except for lots of Halloween-special-cookies that I've been snacking on for the past 2 weeks. Yum.

It's so cold here! I'd rather stay indoors even if there's potential Halloween fun outside. Brr...

Took a walk the other day on a fine Autumn afternoon. If you like Cosmos...


We're having Cosmos everywhere, nothing compared to this massive scale though. Cosmos can be a little difficult to capture, especially when they sway non-stop in the breeze.

Found this fella...


Watcha looking at?

Enjoyed watching it crawl everywhere, cute!


A closer look reveals its face, which I thought is tad frightening. Maybe it's dressed up for Halloween? =P


Ready for take-off. Making its way to a Halloween party? Ta ta!


Tell me about your Halloween fun! I hope that your last day of October ends on a high note!

29 October 2008

I heart morning


A morning person? Not exactly. I would love to snuggle under the covers forever. =P

Couldn't care to wake up if watching a beautiful morning isn't all that rewarding. I simply adore the gentle rays of gold sunshine, they bring a coziness into my heart all the time. =)

As I was admiring dawn while preparing breakfast yesterday, here came my new find with the kiwi fruit.

Spot the Heart!


“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”Lamentations 3:22-23

Every morning, I feel being loved anew. This day, I'm reminded again of His great unfailing love. =)

Have a blessed day!

28 October 2008

Ode to Fall

The colors tell it all... It's autumn.

It is generally agreed among the Japanese, that autumn is the most well-loved season of all. In fact, they ascribe many names to this season, one of them being ’読書の秋’( dokusyo no aki : the book-reading autumn). Apparently, the chilling temperature keeps readers from dozing off.

I'm not so sure about reading. I thought Autumn is sensuously poetic though...



'Tis autumn now; the corn is cut,
But other gifts for us are spread,
The purple plum, the ripe brown nut,
And pears and apples, streaked with red,
Among the dark green branches shine,
Or on the grass beneath them fall;
While full green clusters deck the vine
That trails o'er trellis, roof, and wall.


In our dear land the la-den trees
Be-speak God's providence and love;
He sends all needful gifts like these
For those who trust in Him above.
How good is He to make such choice
Of pleasant fruits for us to grow!'
Tis meet, indeed, that we rejoice
In Him who loves His children so.

Author unknown

The rice fields are dried and tidied. We get to enjoy 新米 ( fresh rice ) for several months from now.

Wagons of good stuff harvested, with many others awaiting their turn. We're having really delicious apples! Japan is famous for its many pride produce, and Nagano is the second prefecture well known for its delectable apples!


Quite unlike the majority, maybe I've yet come to appreciate autumn as much. I'm constantly worried about catching a nasty cold. There hasn't been a year that I'm spared from flu during cold seasons like autumn and winter.


Maybe my body will do better this year, and I'll be able to enjoy outdoor ' comfortably ' like the rest. Keeping fingers crossed. =)

Did you manage to spot this little one above?

Autumn, oh autumn... You've got to be good like they said...

You out there, be wary and don't catch a cold. =P

Autumn breeze



23 October 2008


For... I can't fool myself anymore.

When I decided to start this blog, I followed my heart and contemplated on the title carefully... only to conclude it all with a deliberate mistake.

I took out the word ' for ' and assumed that the term ' what's in store ' is as good as ' what's within '. Some audacity I had to defy the language. =(

The title desperately needs amendment. All these months of make-believe won't make the essential word appear more redundant.

For taking out a single word does not make the title a lot shorter.

For the grammatical error only amplifies my ineptness.

For the poor blog deserves a name that is comprehensible.
For it specifies to where the blessings from above flow.
For God-willing, the blog will go a long way.

For ... the list goes on.

Hence, the blog has to be renamed ' What's in store for a God-Blessed Box '.

Wooosh! The clouds are cleared. Why didn't I resolve this earlier? Maybe I was too proud to admit my mistake, or I was hoping to conjure up everyone into believing that it's ok. It's not ok.

For this reason, I'm sending pink hearts this day, to ALL of you who have been tolerant with my nonsense. =P For you've been kind, accepting, encouraging... the list goes on. See, I told you, I'm blessed! By all of you who've been wonderful! =D

For there's another, tomorrow is a special one that reminds me of hearts... We celebrate the anniversary of our wedding held in Japan 4 years ago. =)

May blessings be never contained, and to you too they generously flow... For you are special. =)

Have a great weekend!

22 October 2008

I must have done something good

Lazy days...

Eversince the return from Singapore, I've morphed into a bag of lazy bones. It's hard to lift a finger, much less lay hands on anything. Arrgh! The house will be messy beyond recognition if I don't do something soon!

Bear noticed the languidness in me, and dragged me out from bed last Sat morning. Slept like a log in the car, till I woke up to a dream...


I woke up to a field of Cosmos!


Know Cosmos, a Mexican flower well-loved across Japan. Their soft petals bloom in sweet pink or dark, wine, orange, yellow and white. They sway a lot with the wind, and look as if they could dance! I literally see them everywhere during early Autumn.


Bear specially drove me to this Cosmos festival because they were flourishing at a grand scale of 50 soccer fields! Imagine the grandeur of the pink carpet before my eyes! =D



Bear was hoping to take a ride on the hot air balloon, but I was a little sick and worried about the swaying in mid air. Anyway, the organizer declined further users by the time we've reached the place. We weren't very disappointed, why should we? The flowers looked like an eternity! In fact, they were in such an excess, visitors are allowed to pick as much as they desire.

It wasn't long before the sun began to set, and I realised the amount of time Bear took to drive me to this beautiful place. ' You don't have to do this, darling. We have Cosmos everywhere. ' I said thoughtfully...


' I thought you may like this. We should ride the hot air ballon next time. ' and he gave a hug.


What exactly have I done to deserve such a loving Bear? =*) I don't need any hot air balloon, I'm on top of the world!
I may not have been a great person, but somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good...
I'm truly blessed. Thank you Bear.

17 October 2008

When the stars go blue...

Is there anything on earth that can lift you up at an instant, and drive your blues away?
I was choking with emotions when I was shopping for the neccessities I needed to bring back to Japan. Deep inside I know, there is a likelihood that I may not travel back to Singapore as usual for the coming Chinese New Year celebration ( or maybe, I'll be able to return ). It all depends.

I guess only those who share same shoes like mine know how it feels to be in my shoes...

Blues found me when I awoke on the plane. Just when I thought it was when my world came crashing down officially, dawn was breaking before my eyes and put all thoughts to a halt.


I'm never sick of watching dawn. Colors that pierce the dark night, the beautiful entry it makes, a brand new day it promises, and hopes it whispers...

As I indulged in the beauty revealed, I felt my heavy heart understood, and the words of God found its way to the deep end of my soul.

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)”

Watching the sun rising within the bed of clouds. I felt so blessed at the sight. I thought it was prepared for me...

These days, whenever emotions surge again, I close my eyes and recollect the magnificient sight. Again the promises of God ring in my ears and I'm totally comforted.

It's life. Things may not go my way all the time, but I'm assured that God who holds my future, cares. Surely dawn will find me again, even when the stars go blue.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

15 October 2008

Back to Japan

Tired, I'm totally exhausted.

I've reached Japan on 13th Oct, but I left my heart in Singapore.

I miss the food, warm climate, tv, and especially my family.

Here's a mini scrapbook I've compiled, I hope it works. Pause the pages if you need to, they are flashing too fast I think. =P I'll catch you guys later...

07 October 2008

Home Sweet Home


Gosh, this blog has been stagnant for more than a week! Oh but I'm still kicking alive, and having a great time in my beloved homeland! =P

I can't tell you enough how much I'm enjoying life here : Gorging on my favourite local food, spending good time with my family, meeting up with close friends, catching lots of great shows on tv, do some 'decent' shopping... Hahaha, it's truly more than just a mere break!

There's actually a huge reason why I'm always back this time of the year : to celebrate dad's birthday! =DDD

We celebrated dad's 60th birthday yesterday!! Despite being the busiest people at home, the 3 kids made time to gather round the table for a sumptuous celebration dinner with mum and dad. Daddy was totally elated! I could tell, though he put on his usual cool self and said nothing at all. =) We've got a pair of classy sunglasses for his birthday present, and boy, was he over the moon!! =D The new shades has definitely fashioned my already good-looking dad into one sophisticated knockout... Hahahahah! =D I've a confession to make : I wanted so much a partner who looks like my handsome dad, but it proved truly difficult indeed. So, I decided on someone who dotes on me like how dad does. =P

I'm blessed... so very blessed, and I know that my blessings didn't happen by chance.

Thank you God, for blessing me with my loving father and family, and for the home that welcomes me always, an understanding husband who gladly urges me home. I pray that God will continue to watch over all that I love, and bless them with health, happiness and peace... Many many more birthdays, and plenty of other celebrations that will bind us together again. I must be so ' choked ' with happiness, I find no words now to express my gratitude to the Lord! I'm happy whenever I see my beloved ones happy... =)

Bless you and your family too. I hope that you're having joyous time with your family.