29 July 2010


It happens.

Besides, S's recent visit helped reason the sweet binge - summer is a bad time. Flowers are done for, heat; there is. So get the tickets to sweets.

Grin... But grins didn't last when S arrived and started complaining about her earlier stay in boring Saitama.

Err... welcome to Matsumoto.

We went to the 'national treasure' Matsumoto castle, and the other 'must-see' landscapes. But of course, nothing here impressed typical Singaporean S.

Matsumoto couldn't have measured up to Singapore even a century later like S summed it - the environment looks desperately behind. There's nothing to see. People are cold. Shopping is atrocious, stuffs are expensive so it explains why she's not paying.

The only good would have to be food. Oh yes, Singaporeans looooove food.

Anything else appealing must be Bear. For S made eyes at him under my nose so frequent I had to find my jaw many times.

I don't know but I was like amused, bemused. And I mused... Was it the summer heat? (@@) But I gotta thank S for helping me remember the charm in Bear.. Seeing each other everyday makes one oblivious of lines and nature that fine.

' Blah blah blah... I can't believe why you're living here.'

Ok. Nobody believes that I didn't get married in order to live here.

Hey Bear, got that? Nobody like S would marry you if it means staying here.

Nevertheless, I totally get S you know, in my very Singaporean instincts. But the Matsumoto-nic facts aren't making me trade my greater blessings.


So, it's HERE I'm living. Laid back, simple, and I breed a safe degree of gluttony. It's alright, no Singaporean is watching. =P

23 July 2010


What? What Hydrangeas? Mine have crashed and burnt since the first day of Summer.


How can Jap's summer be so hot?!?! Some regions were even having 39.4 degrees celcius yesterday!

Given the oven-like climate, it's hard sitting still even for lunch. Only by night when the breeze is cool and inviting, I'm finally acting human. There's a regimen of sitting by the window before bed, to watch the stars and ease the nerves before bed else I couldn't have slept after all that day of fidgets.

And do my careless gaze across the room like the other night, and I caught Rowndy, whom I've forgotten to blog about out of busyness, showing signs of withering. It has fully bloomed since 3rd May, 23 blooms in total, and lasted this long. =)



Yup, Rowndy is a darling to have, my homegrown pride whenever friends shower praise over it ( well, those friends who understand orchids ). I just hope that it'll be kept healthy always...

While Rowndy is soon retiring to a dormant state again, look what I'm starting to ganer to the table.


' Very very sweet tomatoes. Wait a minuite, are they.... '

' Yes sir, they are our very homegrown. '

20 July 2010



e're in the first legs of a brand new Summer! The temperature rocketed to 31 degrees celcius after the cooling monsoon. Pant pant...


It's gonna be a cool season anyway : lotsa ice-cream, desserts, shopping and long drives.

Good news, my spouse-visa is renewed to a permanent one! You have no idea how much trouble it takes to settle documents in this country, so Bear is totally elated about having it done. =)


We'll be receiving 2 complimentary trees thanks to having our place merged with Matsumoto. And finally found the most suitable symbol tree for the landscape. =)


So, things are looking good though the unforgiving heat can be quite a pain. For the time being, I'll just concentrate on hydrating myself and keep an eye on progress of stuff... =)


Special thanks to friends who've mailed with concern. I had to be away to see to things thus the lack of posts. Praise be to God, He's smoothed out even the most knotty issues - miracles that constantly remind us that our God is in control.

I'm definitely back, on a good note!

08 July 2010



ear God-Blessed Box,


, I'm lost at how to document you ...

Like today. The weather is unusually good ( read : hot ) despite the monsoon we're having. The Lavenders smell incredible. And cute Kermit has come to stay with us again.



Besides a nasty sore throat, sleepless nights are still bearable... I mean if I can't give thanks or praise from the inner soul, I don't want to end up sounding ungrateful, or pass this negative energy to anyone who didn't drop by for it.

But many a time, I yearn for a personal space to let it out.

Especially when disappointment, betrayal, or let down gets too large to go unnoticeable... If effort is meant to fall like dominoes after all, I wish I haven't tried so hard in the first place.

Why should I let him? WHY do I let him??

Ultimately, the problem lies in me?
The problem lies in me letting him, right?


Can I just fly away and let things be?


Tell me that I'm not alone. Tell me that I'm not the only one who tidies up real life messes because the responsible person is not owning them. Then maybe I'll pick myself up, move on and force myself over the hurdles which shouldn't be there in the first place...

Sometimes I find myself surrender to fantasies
- I wish I'm more like a scatterbrained, an idler, some kinda unmindful, anything but rational! I wish I could at any time just lounge back and say, ' Oh well... ' , pretend that nothing happened, and w.a.t.c.h. setbacks form a tidy mount without battling an eyelid!

But before I could entertain the thought for a quarter second, every fibre in me will start screaming that things get collected in place, damage mitigated at once, do something right away, and make things happen! I'm reminded again that I'm not designed like that!

God, if you haven't let things happen to defeat me, ENABLE me.

The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;
My God, my strength, in whom I will trust;
My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

Pslam 18:2

This one is for the deflated, and hope we all get better soon enough for weekend precious.

06 July 2010




As the butterflies do... a silly back and forth one I'm doing though. Hoping that things get settled real soon.