01 August 2008

Floral wishings

So, it's August! And I'm madly looking forward to the Olympics!! My lock-ons : Gymnastics and Synchronized swimming. Yours?

We're having a cool week so far, with the wind rather chilly. If only Summer ends with the same cool note.
The scorching rays aren't very merciful to the dainties at the porch though. Isn't flowering a lot and starts browning a little. Here's sharing the beauty before the heat wave hits heavy again.

To the friend who is welcoming her new baby, may the Lord send lots of peace and blessings to your household, His mercy overflows...


To friends who are ill, may your health be restored quickly. May your spirit be uplifted and renewed again.


To friends who face challenges in work and other difficulties, may you have the wisdom to deal with situations, and strength to overcome tough times.


To friends who face new environment, new agendas and new issues in life, may you find ways to adjust quickly, and discover secrets to new joy.


To friends who are down and depressed, life is about ups and downs, not just soley the ' downs ' all the time. Look up, and cheer up.


To tired friends who badly need rest, it isn't too much to rest for just a day, it'll fetch you days of better performance. So, rest.


To friends who are going on holidays, have a good time!! Share the fun when you're back.


To Bear, thank you...


To Viola, my favourite flower shown above : Thank you for blooming so much for us, I shall surely see you again. =)

Nothing much today, a silly post perhaps, but the wishings I mean sincere... I wish all a pretty, lovely weekend.


umekotyan said...






from loved ume tyan

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Thanks for the gifts of beautiful flowers and thoughtful prayers. Just what I needed to life my spirits this evening.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

NOT a silly post, a nice post! Mummy is tired alot laytely. Maybe we shud tell her to sleep/rest up for the day.... me an the uther Bears can send her to bed wiv the raydio an bring her tea now an then.


I'm kwite lookin forwerd to the Olympiks. Me an the Bears ar goin to do sum synchronized sitting. Bears ar so good at that sport!

Seen This Scene That said...

Great floral wishings to you too! Have a good week ahead.

Kate / Kajal said...

OMG those flowers are ever so delicate and elegant. Beautiful colours and lovely pictures stardust !

stay-at-home mum said...

Hey! Not a silly post, but one filled with Love and good wishes!!
You have a great week ahead! God Bless!

bp said...

A most wonderful post, not silly at all! Many thanks for the gifts of flowers, and your love and well-wishes... you have a blessed week yourself now, Stardust! Hugs for you, my dear!!!

Piggy said...

these are the flowers at your porch? They're gorgeous! I like the little white and yellow flowers the most. :-)

I'll be very "busy" when olympics starts, I can't wait!! I like to watch gymnastics too, and my hubby is looking forward to the judo match. ;-)

Ladybird said...

Lovely flowers! I love especially those small little purple blooms!

Stardust said...

梅子さん、お友達のブログは本当に残念ですね。出来れば、私も拝見したいですが。。。よくMJQの音楽を分かりましたね。梅子さんもjazzずきではありませんでしょうか。お好きなjazz playerがもし居たら、ぜひ教えてくださいね。

Oh Kimberly... hugs...

Bob, giv mummy a beary hug, a nose hug, some massage and tell her every minute yu luv her. Tell her too dat she is loved. Luv yu.

STST, here's to you @-------

BP, I hug you very tenderly too. God bless during these moments. Know that my prayers are with you...

Piggy, those are called ' Love Me '. I'm sure we are the most eligible ones to enjoy Olympics!! =P I hope Ringo cooperates. ;P

Ladybird, I love them too, but I don't know their names. =P