04 August 2008

Where have the flowers gone?

Hubby took me to a hillside that he has ever been to in his younger days. A landmark he claimed to be carpeted with wild lilies of bright yellow, and it should be the best time to catch them now.

What greeted us was this.


This was what the entire plain offered. According to the man who tends the hillside, wild lilies have not been blooming well since recent years. The reason could be well again due to global warming. Bear asked, ' Where across the wide plain should we go in order to find the lilies then? ' The man answered, ' Umm... sorry, no lilies. It looks like they're not blooming this year at all... '


We took a rest at the spot below. No... I wasn't cross at the zero blooms, though it felt like a sweet promise denied. As we gazed upon the pasture in the cooling breeze, a feeling of emptiness swept over me... So this is all we have left for our future generations.


Our children may be even more deprived. They probably won't sight a single wild flower, because we ' took ' them all... If this is described as a feast, we must have taken all the most delicious, juciest parts, and left nothing but bones and scraps for our children.


The bees will have nothing to work on. Maybe, gone are the butterflies too. These poor creatures must be totally confused when they are brought into the world with nothing to pursue.


Some of the wild flowers looked as if they are burnt even before they could bloom. The harsh reality stares at me as loud as the barren plains, I thought I could hear its plea...

' Is there anything you can do better to help us? Can you take the trouble to peform those eco-friendly tasks? '


So this is all that's left from the once gorgeous plains.





Yes, we're considered fortunate to be able to see them now. Perhaps, they will be here no more in another few years...

Dear friends, I'm sure that we can help improve earth's health with every single eco-friendly effort we make.

Is there anything that you're faithfully performing, keep up the good work. Are there actions that you've been avoiding because of inconvenience, do you think you can help by performing one of them first?

I hope that you've heard the flowers today.


Bumpkin Bears said...

Hi there, my Bumpkin Bears told me about your blog that they saw through B.T bear. What a beautiful and thought provoking post, I worry too about nature's future and try to do as much as I can. You took some wonderful photographs on your walk. Beary wishes to the flowers and you, Catherine and my Bumpkin Bears x

bp said...

You know, Stardust, I always like to stop by your blog, whenever I can steal some time, to stop and smell the flowers here! Breathe in, breathe out... thanks, I needed that =)

Thanks too for the reminder to do our part to be green, and take better care of Mother Earth!

dot said...

Beautiful post! I hate to even post my pictures after seeing how pretty yours are.

Kimberly 'Butterfly Wings' said...

Beautiful images, powerful message...it's sad how much of our selfish behaviors can impact our world so quickly and destructively. My goal for the week will be to add one more eco-friendly practice to my lifestyle - hanging clothes on line instead of using the dryer.

Piggy said...

Your Bear must be sad and disappointed that what he used to admire is now gone. :-(

nessie said...

Is that a water catchment area built purposedly on the open field? where is this place? Private property?

Even tho the flowers are gone...the greenery didn't stop me to love how beautiful nature can be. Im sure flowers will blossom and add colours to the green pasture.

Seen This Scene That said...

How sad there's so few pretty flowers left. Fortunately these flowers have had the opportunity to show their true beauty because of you. Keep up the great work!

Antarman said...

Flowers are so beautiful, even the first picture of greenery is mind blowing.
We must do whatever we can to maintain this beauty or bring back if it is gone.
The most important thing is to stop this consumerism. Buy only what we need, no hoarding, no wastage.
Shopping must be done for the needs only, not wants. Already we have consumed more than our share, now a stop is badly needed.
I also read ur blog because I found a few similarities in our profiles:)