12 August 2008

Good Bougainvillea

Summer is a good time to catch tropical flowers in cold Nagano. The visual treat being 期間限定 which means ' for a limited period only ', ends once the friendly temperature dips low cold.

On this day when the ever so familiar plant showed up before me, I felt the good old Bougainvillea took away every single tire after a ballet lesson, and I was completely rejuvenated... =)

I miss Bougainvillea... How queer that I've never noticed them back in Singapore even though they flourish proudly everywhere.


In a way, I agree with some that man is strange. I realise that in the past, I used to snub at the good things presented to me unreservedly. Man tends to take things for granted and crave for things that he does not own. Nope?


While Bougainvillea has never appealed to me in the past, it's a wonder how they pluck my heartstrings when I see them in Japan. The coveting bug was acting up, badgering me to get a pot of Bougainvillea, but I stayed composed and decided to check. True enough, Bougainvillea needs to be brought indoor during winter period and only thrives at extremely hot temperature.

I love Hibiscus too, but my pots didn't do well and they withered as soon as winter set in. Rearing tropical flowers in seasonal countries prove to be regretfully tricky indeed, and I'm just not too prepared for a second heartbreak.


So, admiration of Bougainvillea is limited to Summer or when I'm back to Singapore. You who see Bougainvillea all the time, do you not gasp at its beauty?


Japan will be enjoying the ' Obon ' holiday ( ghost festival ) with a stretch from tomorrow to Sunday! Yes, I'm looking forward to a good break though we may not be travelling far. For starters, the Bear is taking me to some secret treat tonight =) I wonder what is he up to this time... =P


sharilyn said...

Stardust, I, too, love bouganvillea. they are so very bright and colorful! we have many of them here in southern california. you did a beautiful job with the photos--truly captured their loveliness and color! my mom took some red flowers home from CA to Michigan one year and kept them in a basket on her counter for color in winter. they dried wonderfully and held their color for many years! thanks for sharing...and have a great time tonight!

Jade said...

Frankly, the pace in Singapore is just too fast and focus, I doubt few of us realised what we are missing out, to just pause and enjoy our surroundings.

Sometime back, my boss who is married to a Japanese lady, was sharing with us how he begins to appreciate our surroundings even the coconut trees by the beach from his wife. From then, every route that I travel, I take time to enjoy the little things, nature, etc that is around me. I love driving through the ECP where you get to see the different shades of bouganvillea too.

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Stardust said...

Sharilyn, your mum is so good at dried stuff. I love dried flower too but not the accompanied mites. =P

Jade, I think I know what you mean. Appreciate your flowered drives then...

Inbox Ministry, Oooh... Bless you too.