13 August 2008

A 100th post that rejoices

The counter says it. It's a 100th post for the God-Blessed Box!

When I first started the blog and totally clueless about what to DO with it, the 100th post did not cross my mind and even if it did, I reckoned it should take ages to arrive at. =P

Honestly, a 100th post isn't all great like a milestone to me. It can't be special like the friendship I've found across the blogosphere, and the great blogs that nourish my days. Here, I give thanks to all that I know and going to know better...

However, this 100th post that I don't deem special, is SPECIAL as I didn't see it coming that it'll depict a celebration!

A year ago, it hit us hard when my husband's medical report highlighted a polyp found in his stomach. It so happened when we were in the middle of much huge plans... Another detailed checkup confirmed the growth, and we were forced to abort whatever plans that had meant everything to us.

It was a difficult period... With the odd medical system, and to top with, my husband's frequent travel, the growth was ' left ' as it was. Never a time was I freed from the thought of the growing polyp, and the many ' what ifs '... I was truly scared. Then early this year when my pastor had to get his entire stomach removed due to a malignant tumour, there were questions like; was it what I was supposed to be prepared for... There was no peace.

So many times feelings surged and drove this young wife on bended knees to pray. Together, we have prayed hard, as we remembered to play hard. It was a year of fear, delight, tears and laughter but we kept our faith and hoped that the growth would not get worse, while we quietly prepared our hearts for neccessary treatment.

Then at long last, came the medical report and we examined in disbelief... The polyp is gone!

GOD knows how it's been haunting us and now, in His mercy, the Bear is healed! Overwhelmed, I truly find no words to describe this healing miracle, our gratitude and joy ... and now as I write this, tears flow. The Bear is questioned about positive change in his lifestyle that causes the healing, all we know is it happened as a prayer answered. The Bear is HEALED, we are freed!!

You have no idea how important this is to a young couple like us. We can never thank God enough for His miracle, and all the grace that brought us through a struggling year. We are all consumed by His love, and I just want to shout to the whole world, that GOD is GOOD all the time... He is to be praised!!

It doesn't matter if you believe in Jesus or miracle, rejoice with us for our lives are restored! We're affirmed of our faith, and I know that this will keep us strong all times as we unfold what God has in store for our future. And I pray that our peace be yours too, that all will be blessed in many wonderful ways perceived, or not. May this joyful 100th post, be a blessing to many...

God bless.


Ellena said...

Praise the Lord!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

Dear Stardust, I am sure the Brothers and Sisters of Christ and the Angels are ove overjoy with what the Lord had set upon your husband. I am sure His Miracle hand had completely removed whatever illness that threatening your husband.

Oh!!! Let's pray and give praise to Him, our Almight and Faitful God. Amen!!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful and real life encounter with the Lord. Amen! And I am sure the Lord will continue to shower you and your family with all His wonderful blessing. Amen!

Jade said...

You got me singing...just like how I got this song singing in BP's mind =)
God is Good, All the time,
He put a song of Praise in the heart of mine
God is Good, All the time.
Through the Darkest night, His Light will shine
God is Good, God is Good all the time (by Don Moen)

Praise our Heavenly Father for this miracle and blessings on this loving couple! He is indeed a God that healeth thee! I am happy to hear this piece of Good News! Dun cry my dear, Rejoice!

Ladybird said...

Glad that your husband is healthy and healed! *Cheers and hugs*

Seen This Scene That said...

You must have gone through a lot of anguish amidst the uncertainties. Glad that it has turned out miraculously well. I wish you both great health and unlimited happiness; take care!

umekotyan said...



from loved ume tyan

sharilyn said...

Hooray! Hooray!! for you and for God! He is amazing! It is wonderful to hear of His healing hand in your lives...I'm so glad for you, and I'm sure your hearts are FULL of gratitude! :)

Piggy said...

wow, you've reached your 100th post in such a short time! I've been blogging for 3 years + and I'm only at my 166th post. ;-)

bp said...

Praise God for His healing touch on Bear! Thanks for sharing His hand working in your lives! God is good, all the time!!! Amen!