18 August 2008

Celebration of a newborn, not mine though... =P

With the close of the Obon Festival in Japan, good R&R times are over. The Bear crawls back to the office, and myself back to the desk. ;)

And what greets me here is the 101st post! Hey, 101 is special, and I'm not too hesitant about what to write. ;)This should very well be a joyous post, I decide... so here it goes, the birth celebration of my friend's baby!


Meet Kaitlyn, the newborn princess of my blogger friend, BP; who arrived on the 13th August 2008. The new babe is surely a beautiful bundle of joy to the family, and I really can't wait to see more of her appearance in days to come! =D

Congratulations BP, on your new blessing from above!! She sure takes after her gorgeous mommy! We rejoice for your family, and pray for God's ever flowing blessing and grace. May everything goes well and smooth at home, and everybody relish the sweet joy of the newborn. Your basket overflows with the Lord's goodness, I pray. =)

You may be too busy to spot this, but hey, this post still celebrates!!

Hugs and God bless...


stay-at-home mum said...

I celebrate with you and bp's family the arrival of Kaitlyn!!

I have been soooo busy, I have missed so many of your recent wonderful posts! Congrats on this 101st!

Stardust said...

=))), yeah SAHM, let's celebrate our pal's joy!! Thanks for dropping by despite being busy!

bp said...

Sorry Stardust, I'm so late in seeing this! Thank you so very much for your well-wishes and prayers, and your love and kindness all the time!!! You are such a dear sis-in-Christ to me! *Hugs, hugs, more hugs for you*

God bless you and the Bear over and above what you can imagine! Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!

Stardust said...

Dear BP, this is not to make you feel sorry! Hugs, Hugs and MORE HUGS for you too, dear. May God bless you and all of yours, more than you imagine and ask for, Amen! =D