25 August 2008

Thank you, Olympics 2008

Now that the much anticipated Olympics 2008 has come to an end, a gush of emptiness simply sweeps over me...

Singapore managed to clinch its first silver medal since independence! Although this is nothing compared to the achievement of many other countries, I can't help but feeling joyful about it. =D Congratulations Singapore!! Well done!

Anybody watched Synchronized Swimming and Gymnastics Rhythmic? I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful performance the atheletes presented!! Here, take a look of what I've found from the internet.







Olympics... what a fine and noble way mankind chooses to pit against each other. Apart from the thrill of witnessing the victorious instant, I'm all moved by every countenance found on the atheletes. Their resoluteness built over the 4 years was all evident in their pupils. The sweat and tears shed to relate true tales of defeat or victory... I'm all moved by this real life human drama of effort, breakthrough, and mighty hearts.

Thank you, Olympics 2008. I can't wait to be touched again in 2012.


Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I loved the Olympics and watched it every single day almost every single minute. I'm going through Olympic withdrawals.
When I watched the closing ceremonies and they were pulling the Olympic Flag down to hand it over the the next Mayor of London for the 2012 Olympics, the Stadium was so quiet, I was actually crying... it was so beautiful but I know how hard and how much Beijing had worked to get the Olympics there!
Wonderful games!

DILLY said...

Hewo Stardust!

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Dilly be sorry Stardust not abol tayste Bakewell Tart. Be yummy.

Dilly wonder if Japan postman let Bob an Dilly send wun to Stardust. Or will Japan postman be strikt an not let?


stay-at-home mum said...

Yes! I really enjoyed watching the olympics. Now I am suffering from withdrawal symthoms with nothing to watch on TV!!

DILLY said...


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Stardust said...

Michele, I think I know what how you feel... and to think that it'll be a 4-years wait!

Dilly, (((HUGS)))... sweet Dino, thanks for everything...

SAHM, ARGHH... Maybe I'll make my Bear do some stunts for me. hahahaha!