20 August 2008

Summer fireworks

Summer nights...

I'm not sure about others, but to us, Summer is all about night time pleasures.

During Summer in Japan, fireworks displays are held across the country. At the comfort of our home, we get to watch 2 displays over the east window, and 2 at the north windows. =) The fireworks usually last for 2 hours or so, so they are quite a visual treat during cool nights of Summer.

Sometimes, we'll set off to larger displays, like this one held annually at the largest lake in Nagano, Suwako. On this day, we were truly thankful that it did not rain as forecasted. =D



We caught the display at the opposite bank of the lake, so you know, the water featured in the pictures is actually of Suwako. And if you manage to catch some ' swan ' figures on the lake, they are actually ferries that act as visitor attractions of Suwako.






In a rather conventional way, the finale in Suwako always end with a blast in mid-air, and other two upon the lake's surface; to form a ' firework trilogy '. It was a breathtaking experience for me when I watched it for the first time.


I didn't take much pictures, enjoying the show was all on my mind. ;P Hope you've enjoyed the fireworks galore anyway. Last but not least, Spot the Heart. ;)



Ladybird said...

Wow, you can simply watch these kind of fireworks display from your house windows? 2 hours some more? Lucky you! Is there any special occasion in Japan that lead to such spectacular fireworks display?
They are breathtaking...

sharilyn said...

absolutely gorgeous fireworks photos, stardust! they can be very hard to catch, i know! i'll bet it was amazing in real life... thanks for sharing!! :) (and the heart, too!)

Renu said...

This is sooooooooooo beautiful !
I have seen fireworks in Disneyland on new year eve, even moving images were formed, but we couldnt take so beautiful pictures.

bp said...

More of your lovely shots that take my breath away! Keep it up, Stardust, you sure have a talent for photography and great eye for pictures!

Stardust said...

Ladybird, nod nod... there's no special reason behind the fireworks event. It is a Summer activity across Japan though...

Sharilyn, you noticed the <3? Great!!

Renu, I'm sure that your pictures are beautiful too.

BP, hehe, it's not my pictures, it's the beauty of fireworks! ;)