11 August 2008

Back to rice again

Slap thigh! You've missed it!

A post before this is written in a way that some would have thought is suggestively provocative. =P Anyway, I've been advised to remove the post before it invites regret. Ooops. Ok, I'll be careful next time... =P Thanks to the advisor who cares... Hugs.

So I'm making up with what we've had for dinner. ;P

These days, I blame it on the heat that I find it hard to swallow rice as usual... We need alternatives!


So, the answer is SUSHI, uniquely Japan! Do you know, most Japanese would rather have sushi at restaurants than home. What's being prepared at home, can never be compared with the fresh and raw seafood prepared by skilled chefs outside. Homemade stuff is usually accompanied with cooked ingredients, to avoid danger of food contamination.


Light and savory with a tint of sweetened vinegar, sushi is most pleasant on summer days. My favourite is the Inari sushi. Anybody knows ' Inari sushi '? It is a kind of sushi wrapped with sweetened beancurd skin rather than conventional seaweed. This evening, I've prepared 4 kinds of topping for them : crab salad, sweetened shiitake, prawn mayonaise, and bought grilled eel. Hehehe, I don't know about you, but I thought they look like amusing uglies draped in wet blankets and coarsely belted. LOL!!!! =D


They are good like how I like them, but we're so sick of beancurd now, and all ready to return to plain rice again. =P So, you see, sushi acts like a good alternative on days when rice seems all too heavy.

I shan't share the recipe for this sushi though, as I doubt many are able to get the basic ingredients. Just an idea of what the Japanese have at homes. ;)


Jade said...

Hey, I managed to catch your previous post before it was gone(^^,). I couldn't agree more with you. Life is not only about I, Me & Myself...Like what Mother Theresa says "If a person judge people, he/she will have no time to love them".

Yummy, I like your Inari Sushi, Pro presentation too (^^,). Love it!

Kate / Kajal said...

Honey i love the cover mag look. So freakin professional, it looks like a real Mag !!! and i want to subscribe :). The tofu skins are awesome, and this is really a visual treat. The Japs sure are havin a lot of fun at home :)

Piggy said...

OMG!! The sushi look so good! I like the way you tied the strips of veges around the beancurd and the bunch of "grass" in the middle of the rice. love it, love it!! :-)

Stardust said...

Jade, you did? (^^) And you agreed? Right? Hugs... BTW, I love reading Mother Teresa's. I've completed most of the publications of her words. She's awesome.

Kate, my hubby is having FUN, I'm having ' fun ' making and clearing mess. (~~)

Piggy, I wish I can have some with you... Ahh... it's an impossible dream. =P