25 February 2008

My pastor is back. =)

One of the kindest people I have known in Japan, is the pastor of my church and his family.

I am attending a small church in Japan all these years and the only pastor of the church has always been caring towards my husband and I.

Last year's Christmas was hard. Pastor has been diagnosed with cancer and had to be operated on immdediately. He was admitted early this year to have his entire stomach removed. His condition is difficult becos of diabetes and other complications, the risk of failed operation is high.

The church moblized in chain-prayer for the 6-hours operation. I think I have not prayed so hard for such a long time... I felt immense relief and gratitude when I was informed by the pastor's daughter that the operation was a success.

My pastor went into a period of recuperation, while I went back to Singapore for holidays. It was great to meet my pastor again on Sunday's service. =) He looked tired and a little feeble, obviously smaller in size as he has lost 29kg. Yet this warm man has never failed to greet me a cosy welcome whenever I return to Japan.

I am thankful to Jesus for planting me in this small church, and surrounding me with warm people like my pastor and other members. I thank the Lord for every Sunday's message, that always give me joy and encouragement. It is unimaginable that this part should be eliminated from my life. I've come this far by the Lord's grace, and all these peoples' love.

I thank the Lord for the success of my pastor's operation, and may the Lord continue to heal him and regain health soon. May pastor serve our Lord Jesus another 10, 20, 30 and more years to come. May the fellowship of the church be a sweet time always, as we seek the Lord's presence and face with our hearts. Amen.

For the loved ones around us, let's not take their presence for granted. And let's take care of our health always.

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