22 October 2011



My sweetest little thing has turned 4 months today. :)

Every morning, I will breathe from behind his ear deeply, and hoping that I'll smell like him. I tap happiness from my darling my waking hours, it's soley him I see in our photos. There's a new self worth when I know how much my voice can calm my angel. The inner child in me holds his hand, we'll go to moon and return with a star together. I've never known a bigger motivation, hope and purpose.

Did I mention I'm a mom of 4 months already? I'm a newborn, a born again, a new being called 'mom'? Poke me, I'll ooze love.

But soon after I've typed all these from top of the world, I'm feeling everything else a mom doesn't want to know.

Especially after reading Fiesty Princess Charmaine.

The Dragon Mom.

Poor Yue Yue.

The missing 2 year old girl in Japan.

It's scary. You thought you're now an invincible new creation, but you're so wrong. A mom doesn't run the world for her own, but for the little ones she gives life to whose destinies she has no control over. She protects, defends, prays and hopes to her last breath.

Moms. You may not know them, but you connect with them all across the world. You'll shed tears for a stranger mom, and get on your knees for a suffering one. You even feel for your worst enemy, and bless her children. And humble yourself before God with hope that you'll never be tested.

It's all too bold for the gentler gender. And because I'm convinced not every woman has motherly instincts, I've been avoiding the issue my married years.

But now, let me embrace this complicated, delicate, vulnerable role. No regrets.

God, please bless the mothers and their children.



stay-at-home mum said...

yes, I shed a tear for those Mums too. And you know, other people's children, grow up so fast! 4 months already?? Before you know it he will be crawling, toddling and then running!! Enjoy your cub.

Maggie and Mitch said...

4 months already? It can't be!
It is a very scary world out there and we pray and hope that everyone can stay safe.

bp said...

Amen, and bless you and your Cub. Some of us may personally know moms going through tough times to stand in the gap.

Thank you always for encouraging me in my own parenting journey, and now letting me have the great joy of sharing in yours! Rock on, Mommy Stardust!