24 December 2011

Home for Christmas


reetings! From Japan.

We actually flew back home a week ago, for reasons better forgotten, but our bags packed with toys and hearts full of joy. We're reunited with papa for this very special year end, our first Christmas, and first New Year together.

So all is good, and God is good for bringing us back so that we could celebrate the little guy who is another 6 months to a year old!

The cub was the apple of so many eyes then... my family, friends and even strangers. I was a proud mama throughout my stay in Singapore, my trophy, medal and prize lie in him. I've probably finally understood why people love to have kids?

At 5 months, the playful one was rolling over like a pro. I knew it, he looooves attention and is a big show off. He teased my family so much that everybody hurried home to catch their superstar. My brother must forgive me for posting this, know how much the cub liked it high on his uncle's shoulders. They are just too cute together!

I was most touched when my outrageously playful one was good throughout both flights, and even having passengers who couldn't resist him coming over to play. My eyes warmed when an Irish old lady praised and blessed him, these very warm-hearted people were too kind to an almost crippled mom struggling with a infant on the 7 hours flight.

I know you feel me when I say I'm thanking God for keeping the good spirits in my boy throughout those hours. :)


Someone may be right about me thinking too much for my little one is constantly in a good mood. True, but Mr. Sunshine has his Achilles' heel too. See what I mean.




And he means it.

Now into 6 months, I think I'm going grey if he's not going to love his semi-solids soon. HE~LP!!


It's Christmas tomorrow, the birthday of our Savior, who came just as helpless as any babe in the world. As I carressed my little one and ponder upon the many miracles and blessings in my life... who am I, to have Him come and give... I can't really put into words, but the story of Nativity just touches me anew, again.

Blessed Christmas everyone, wherever you are, know that His blessings have never left you. May the beautiful spirit of Christmas fills your heart and home.


Maggie and Mitch said...

Your son is absolutely precious, Stardust! We just love all of the photos!
Merry Christmas to the three of you!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

Dont worry about Ryo not liking semi-solids yet. Go slow, he will come around to it when he is ready.

So glad that he was a good boy on the flights!

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!

Feronia said...

Lovely that you were able to have Christmas together! He's such a gorgeous boy, that little one of yours - even when he looks grumpy!! I'm sure he'll start on semi-solids soon. Warm wishes to you and your family, Stardust, at Christmas and for 2012 x

boonpingloke@yahoo.com said...

God is good, amen! And Cub is super adorable and gorgeous, I am saying it again and again, I know, but it's so true, so true! This is yet another beautiful post, and you've captured his growing moments so well! Don't worry, as SAHM said, Cub will get it.

Know my dear you're really awesome with him, flying solo and juggling your wrist surgery and now adjusting back to the colder climate. I hope you're stealing restful moments for yourself. And keep basking in God's goodness and grace day by day.

It's almost Happy New Year already! Have a blessed one, lovely you and your beautiful family!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hope yu had a grayte Crismoss!

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