28 September 2011

At 3 months

Here's giving Summer 2011 a closure for it has been the most eventful since we've got married. It's a wonder how a tiny person is capable of reforming our world completely. We're banished to a phase where romance is extinguished, but it's alright. Baby Bear worths it.

The little thing has turned 3 months on the 22nd. Every single day, he reminds me that he is everything I've wished for! :D


On the 22nd, he joined us at the dining table in his high chair
for the first time.


I carry over 6600 grams of him at the present. My wrists really
really hurt.

He loves one of mommy's favourite song 'Close to you' by the Carpenters. And smiles wryly when I sing him 甜蜜蜜.

He sucks one mitten delightfully while stroking his head with the other hand, then he would let them switch job. As for why mittens at 3 months, the silly fella keeps pulling out his hair. :(

See that fist? You bet there are several strands within.

He is starting to recline like the Sphinx.

We have conquered the outdoor, YAYS! Third time works like a charm and it's a happy baby we pop into the stroller now.


As for the one on laundry, you already knew. :)

What you didn't know is it's been a fairly turbulent period counting down to his 3rd month.

I had to force the bottle on him with pumped milk as I had trouble with a nipple.

My left wrist is so swollen and painful that I can't even open a jar now. Tendonitis sucks.

I have the cub secured all the time for safety only to realise that being overly protective is only detering him from gaining motor skills. And just when I was assuming that we aren't running into trouble very soon, I froze at a LOUD THUD and my heart shattered to pieces when I realised my baby has fallen from the sofa!

His cries pierced me through and through... This moron promised never to leave him at risk again. :(

Fortunately, he was back to his merry self very soon, but recalling this incident still gives me cramps all over.


The foremost thing now is to get my wrists fixed real soon for my darling loves my arms around him! Also, may his 4th month be kind despite challenges like the cold dry climate, and painful needles for the poor little guy. He's receiving his first tomorrow! YIKES!

I'm sorry if you're sick of stories about the cub already. He's everything I eat, sleep, breathe and bleed now. :P


bp said...

I'm going AW, AW, AW all throughout this post, my dear Stardust! I've been caught up with my own busyness but longing to find out how things are on your end. This update is great, thanks, and what beautiful pictures! I especially love that super lovely one of you and Cub :).

He's growing so very beautifully under your loving care, great mama, no doubt about it!

Thank God for His protection...

Also pray with you that your wrist (OW!) will heal quickly -- try and take it easy meanwhile, ok.

And here's to so many many more of these beautiful moments and milestones! One day, one month, one season at a time... God's faithfulness reaches to the sky!

Maggie and Mitch said...

We love the Baby Bear stories! More - more! We just love that picture of you and your adorable son, Stardust. awwwwwwwwww
We hope your wrist feels better soon!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

Hey, I enjoy your baby bear stories, coz it brings back memories of when mine were little.

Suggestion: Small thin Mattress on the floor or a playpen, where he can explore, turn, and keep an eye on you whilst your wrist recovers quickly!

Prob pulling his hair out coz he wants to be able to move around whilst in your loving arms!!

grub said...

aww he is so adorable and happy!

ah the thud. don't even know how many times that has happened to my cousins when they were playing. i think they have become sort of immune to hitting themselves now.

don't be sorry about posting too much on him! his smile makes me happy too :)

hope your wrists get better soon!

Feronia said...

This is such a lovely update of your baby bear! He is so cute!! And such a lovely pic of the two of you :) I do hope your wrists recover soon - I know how painful tendonitis can be.