29 September 2011


is first jab today, the BCG, but it was mommy who had a nervous spell for the past week.

Is he going to lose apetite after that? Is it alright to bathe him later? Is it going to be painful? Is he going to cry and wriggle vigorously and hurt my wrists and will I lose my grip and AHH~~~

Fortunately, papa Bear came along too.

And my worries were unfounded. He let out a small shriek, there were tears in his eyes, but he suppressed the rest. It was funny to see a baby holding back so hard like that, a little too hard to watch without laughing. He was all cool again when I greeted him 'Hey Sexy' ( he had his left arm exposed ). He liked it. :P

We're first time parents struggling to settle several tasks in a day! So the cub tagged along to the mall, that was when 2 strangers came over to tell me how adorable my boy is. The Japs aren't very outspoken people you know, I'm flattered, extolled; overwhelmed. Do you know the fella just had his jab? Of course, I didn't tell them that.

I'm so proud of him! Sniffs. There'll be many firsts to take on from now, but if it's him I'm working with, I think we'll do fine. :)

Oh yes, papa Bear got the cub a set of exclusive cutlery. Guess what we are up to with it.


Nah, it isn't the gift he's excited about. It's the laundry dangling above him.


Silly boy.


Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so happy that Papa Bear was there for support.
His yellow dish set is just adorable!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

stay-at-home mum said...

yes, the pain usually hurts the parent more than the cub. We are such softies, arent we? You have a tough cub there. A REAL MAN he will be in time to come. And I love that dinner set you got him Beautiful! And I love his pic, he is soooo happy just looking at the laundry. Probably trainable to do the laundry next time :P Every girl's dream!!

Feronia said...

I think you are doing something very right there, Stardust - he is one happy baby!

bp said...

Haha, cheeky mommy! i see who Cub gets his cheekiness from!

Glad all went well with that first shot, and that Daddy Bear could be there with you, both of you cheering him on! And those strangers who stopped to share their sweet words, I believe they meant everything they said :).

I think very soon you'll be sharing pictures of Cub being your great helper :)

grub said...

hehe baby bear and the laundry. perhaps its a sign you should train him to do some housework when he is old enough.

the little ones grow up really fast! soon they will be able to crawl, walk and talk :)