19 October 2011



ay 2 without Bear's paws. My shoulder and neck twisted as they go cahoots with the bad wrists.

Worry not. Every ballet-trained knows how to deal with twists. Never freeze yourself into a statue, that's making things worse. Rotate or move the affected part very slowly in all possible directions, it'll be painful but the stressed muscles will loosen up. Massages help too.


I'm cool, really! Catch this!

Me : I love you.

Baby : Smile.

Me : My 心肝宝貝 ( precious ).

Baby : SMILE.

Me : What's for dinner ... hmm. Can I pop one of your thighs into the oven tonight?

Baby : Grin.

Me : You like it with spice and herbs, or terriyaki style?

Baby : Big grin and started kicking excitedly.

I swooped my darling up, and gave the biggest tightest hug that could restore him back into my belly if we're made of jellies. Pain? What pain? He's my healer, my sweetener, the reason I carry on.

I'm blessed.


stay-at-home mum said...

love those cheeky grins!! Hope you are feeling less twisted!

grub said...

hehe he's so cute when he smiles and grins :D

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're smiling as we read this! Enjoy your cub to the fullest, Stardust. He's so precious!

bp said...

Grin, grin, grin...

He's really your xinganbaobei, hang in there with your wrists, I am loving how you're doing so great juggling everything on your own and especially to focus on all the blessedness my dear!!!

Definitely it's not just grin and bear it but being blessed and spreading the joy with us here, thank you my dear for being so encouraging always!

You keep going now, I pray with you for God's bonus strength and grace and grins overflowing!!! Especially during these homealone stints, I have a few of these coming up also! Hugs!

Feronia said...

You write so beautifully about that little cub of yours! It's a real joy to read your blog...and see those lovely photos! :)

Helena said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! So cute!

Bob is so happy to see the Bear he sent on your header he is jumping up and down!!!