14 December 2011

How many days...

To Christmas did you say?? I've been so dazed with so much late happenings that I'm missing all the fun of my favorite day.


A surgery is carried out successfully on my left wrist 4 weeks ago, and now the fella has forgotten how to rotate, bend or twist freely. It is recovering little by little, but surely, and a complete healing is just a matter of time. It's been so long that I'm able to carry my baby with ease again. :)

We're extending our stay in Singapore until February of the brand new year. I do have some concerns though cos my family members simply dote on my little one too much, I can't imagine returning Japan with a spoilt brat. :(


I know, I know. They can't help themselves. Even strangers love him.

Well, I guess it'll be good to siam ( Singapore slang ; avoid ) winter for a wee bit.

I'm not forgetting everyone who have cared about my condition. All the concern, emails, and follow-ups, thank you so much! Things were hard for quite a while, but kind people like you have made days bearable.


Piggy said...

So you'll only be back to Japan after CNY, maybe we can meet up in SG. ;-)

stay-at-home mum said...

10 days to christmas!!

Any chance of meeting up?

Maggie and Mitch said...

We're so happy to hear that your wrist is on the mend, Stardust!
We just LOVE your new header photo :-)

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Feronia said...

So good to hear from you, Stardust! I have been checking the blog every couple days to see if you were back. Have a lovely Christmas in beautiful Singapore and hope your healing continues to go well. Lots of Christmas love to the little one, too!
Feronia x

bp said...

Happy 6th month to your cheeky boy! He's simply adorable!

I hope, pray you're feeling lots better, take it slower with your wrist recovering still (this is me nagging, i know ;p).

Have a blessed, joyful Christmas as you celebrate God's gift of love and goodness in our lives! *Pinch Cubs chubby cheeks*

Helena said...

I do hope it sorts itself out. A bad wrist is very painful and so inconvenient. You rlittle one looks gorgeous and full of mischief. I'm not suprised that even strangers love him! I love the header you've put on your blog- LOL. Don't blame you for being in Singapore. I've only been there once, as a 'stop-over' on the way to Melbourne, but it made a huge impression on me. Oh, to be warm!!

Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. And safe journeys.

Nuzzle that boy's toes for me!