29 October 2011

At 4 months

4 months have passed and we're still calling our little thing
'Breadcrumbs'. We use this cute icon conveniently whenever we text about the cub.


The 7300 grams of Breadcrumbs flips over with little help, and lunges himself forward as if he's ready to crawl.

His baby vowels have increased so much and it's really hilarious when he babbles non stop. He is starting to laugh and giggle aloud.

He has the most generous smiles and very friendly to strangers too.

I love it most when he looks at me affectionately and wraps his little fingers around mine.


Of course there are hair pulling moments like how he pulls his own hair and everybody elses, but he quickly makes up with his cute self.


At the mention of hair, I'm getting really scared as I'm shedding like autumn. Also, losing weight at an exponential rate too.. I didn't gain too much pregnancy weight to begin with due to the morning sickness slash, so it's all showing on my hollow cheeks and I'm looking as if I'm having morning sickness all over again.


It's a mixture of feelings whenever I bring the baby to the mirror, there he is all smooth and soft while I've never looked more haggard and tired.

It sounds great to look like a radiant mom holding my baby, but really I won't dwell too much on what's beyond my control. I'll be really happy though if I can just spend this winter cold-free.


Maggie and Mitch said...

You are bringing back so many wonderful memories for me when my daughter was this age, Stardust!
We hope you stay healthy for the entire winter. Breadcrumbs is so precious!

stay-at-home mum said...

ouch! Dont lose anymore hair! Must teach breadcrumbs to release his grip. I probably had that problem too, including one where my child grabbed my glasses, BUT I dont remember how I dealt with it. Keep warm, and enjoy your bonding time. BReadcrumbs is going to be a heartbreaker with that smile of his :)

Feronia said...

That little baby of yours looks cuter with every photo, Stardust! Take care of yourself :)

bp said...

I can relate to these hair-pulling and also glasses-tugging times and I still get bonked on my face by my jumping little one(s). Of course as they grow, there's also the other tearing out of our hair I'd better not go into, haha!

But it's physically demanding for you, the eat-play-sleep-poop round the clock. You had mentioned b4 Cub doesn't nap well, I hope he will settle into a longer stretch of sleep in the night to make up for that, tho' I know from my own kids this is much easier said than done. But prayerfully, may that be possible, as you can use more rest yourself. The nursing uses lots more calories; try and eat more if you can ;p.

Don't mind my longwindedness. Take good care, my dear, as we constantly remind each other.

Stay well and warm for these colder months, and I look forward to seeing lots more of your gorgeous Cub with beautiful mom and dad pics :). HUGS!!!