09 October 2011



On 30th September, it was when the cub turned a 100 days old and we held the お食い初め ( Okuizome ) for him. 

Lifted from the internet : The Okuizome is performed in hopes that the child would never have to worry about food. Although this may differ slightly by region, the Okuizome usually occurs 100 days after birth when the child starts to eat baby food. Some regions may do this on the 110th ~ 120th day. The baby only pretends to eat the food in this ceremony.

Bear got the cub his very own set of cutlery especially for the ceremony. It's surely way practical than the traditional lacquered ware as the latter isn't designed for durability.


Most of the dishes laid on the table signify a blessing for the child. I don't remember having worked so hard in the kitchen since his arrival, but I'll go miles if it's for my precious cos He. Is. Special! :D

Ok, I cheated on this Bream though as we had it ordered. :P

And I didn't make the red bean rice, the sushi, and the tart too. Grin.

Umm, you see... my wrists really hurt, and they still are. :/


But I can't explain myself anymore when I forgot about the stone that means strong teeth for the boy! In desperation, I brought out the stone his dad used for proposal.

Ok darling, mama promises to try harder for the next big thing. I'm just so glad that life offers so many celebrations for second chances. ;)


stay-at-home mum said...

WOW! what a feast! I didnt know about this Japanese custom, (coz my niece didnt celebrate it, oops) :P

And he looks really pleased from the spread, looking at the photo.

Wishing him a life filled with abundant food, growing up to be strong and healthy, and blessed with many many years of fun with his parents, children and grandchildren (Long life!!).

You did well!

Maggie and Mitch said...

He doesn't seem to be overly impressed with that fishy staring at him!
He is just so adorable, Stardust!

grub said...

haha reminds me of my first 100 days of vce (senior high school study) and the chinese month old celebration.

the japanese custom looks more extravagant though! had to laugh at this part though "The baby only pretends to eat the food in this ceremony". hrm :P

baby bear looks happy with the variety of food for him. i hope your wrists get better soon!

bp said...

You are doing great, my dear! What a spread indeed, and Cub looks so happy, beaming over the huge celebration... specially for him from his lovely mom and dad!

Wishing your darling boy and all of you God's abundant blessings just like that -- overflowing and beyond what you imagine!

Please take care and take it easy with your wrist, ok... pray it'll ease up quickly! His grace takes you one day at a time, yah! *HUGS*

Feronia said...

Try harder?! My goodness - it looks wonderful, Stardust! What a lovely life you are creating for that beautiful little boy of yours :)

Maggie and Mitch said...

Chipmunks are just adorable, Stardust! You will have to google it so see just how cute. We are over run with them here this year. They're everywhere!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch